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the work of cutting down trees for timber

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The fact that a few old forests were saved due to bird protection did little to destroy our economy; a logging industry based on a limited resource destroyed itself.
As the core representatives from, respectively, the North American logging industry, Canada's First Nations, and environmental non-governmental organisations (ENGOs), they had between them been fighting over the fate of Canada's northwest coast and the world's largest tract of temperate rainforest--the Great Bear.
There is a dearth of documented information on working conditions of loggers and the way the logging industry increases the risk of human trafficking in nearby communities.
The display includes letters from nineteenth century Finnish emigrants who went to the USA to work in the logging industry and mining industry.
This week we report on cautious optimism in the logging industry, but we have also reported on furniture manufacturer Vinh Long coming to Morri1ton and American Tubing's expansion at Springdale and Ritter Grain Services' expansion at Otwell.
SVLK is mandatory to the Indonesian forestry business unit (FBU) and logging industry.
The chapters on the aboriginal women's primary role in sealing practices in Australia, and the accounts of shishalh women leading the logging industry in Canada, underscore the significance of indigenous women's economic roles and their knowledge and networks.
Tabart said the Victorian government has not allowed the koala to be protected federally because the timber and logging industry "wields a great deal of power" in the state.
HOW TO MOVE ON: The logging industry was a period of the past.
He told city councilors the company sees an opportunity in making concrete bridges used in the logging industry, but it doesn't have space to make the 80-ft.
The objective of this research was to develop baseline information regarding the structure and performance of Ohio's logging industry.
For the First Nation of Mitchikanibiko'inik (the Atgonquins of Barriere Lake), it's the riot squad of the Surete du Quebec (SQ) that showed up to confront the threat they posed to the interests of the logging industry.
The work discusses the unique cultures of the region, chronicles the effects of the decline of the logging industry and the community foundations that it provided, and explores what it was like to grow up as girl in a rural town in the 1960s.
But, apart from simple arithmetic, I have forgotten it all, as I have forgotten a lot about the agricultural revolution, latin verbs, chemical formula and the logging industry in Canada.
Fortuna resides along the Eel River in Northern California's Humboldt County, a region affected by the logging industry.