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the work of cutting down trees for timber

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The current lack of reliable, readily accessible, up to date observations in PNG s forests has meant that the activities of the logging industry, and the activities within forests intended to be preserved as part of REDD have not been widely available to all stakeholders.
The logging industry employed 1,124 people directly in 2012, and if it was only their income and value-added contribution, the economic activity would be about $87.
Since 2010, there are 20 million acres of forests and more than 700 logging industry units that already received SVLK certification, while the verification will still be developed to the other 14 tariff posts, including the furniture industry.
Tabart said the Victorian government has not allowed the koala to be protected federally because the timber and logging industry "wields a great deal of power" in the state.
HOW TO MOVE ON: The logging industry was a period of the past.
He told city councilors the company sees an opportunity in making concrete bridges used in the logging industry, but it doesn't have space to make the 80-ft.
The objective of this research was to develop baseline information regarding the structure and performance of Ohio's logging industry.
The work discusses the unique cultures of the region, chronicles the effects of the decline of the logging industry and the community foundations that it provided, and explores what it was like to grow up as girl in a rural town in the 1960s.
But, apart from simple arithmetic, I have forgotten it all, as I have forgotten a lot about the agricultural revolution, latin verbs, chemical formula and the logging industry in Canada.
Fortuna resides along the Eel River in Northern California's Humboldt County, a region affected by the logging industry.
GOIC) said investments in the logging industry in the six Gulf Cooperation
The First Nations were nominated by ForestEthics, Greenpeace and Sierra Club BC, the three environmental organizations that have worked for over a decade with First Nations, the provincial government and the logging industry to realize their vision for the Great Bear Rainforest.
The writing, with its beautifully rich, descriptive passages, suggests a real love of this small Latin American country and the concerns expressed about the impact of the logging industry are heartfelt.
Infrastructure supporting the island's palm oil and logging industry is pretty good, with Nakru itself a four-hour drive along logging tracks from the deepwater port at the provincial capital of Kimbe.
Also available for the first time in the logging industry, the Gem tool measures manganese, a common constituent of carbonates and sheet silicates.