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a logarithm to the base 10

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The average D-10 value, the radiation dose needed to inactivate 1 log10 of pathogen on the three products, was 0.
Per the USP General Chapter <1072> Disinfectants, the test system is inoculated with sufficient inoculum to demonstrate at least a two log10 reduction for bacterial spores and a three log10 reduction for vegetative bacteria and allowed to dry.
39 log10 copies/ml since the first reports of AIDS in the early 1980s.
When evaluating the intestinal lesions, mortality, and log10 values of crude protein, birds in the probiotic and phytogenic treatment groups were significantly lower (P < 0.
InterMune reported that after 14 days of triple combination therapy, the median change in HCV RNA from baseline exceeded 5 log10 in five of the six dosage cohorts in the study, and was -5.
The following formula calculates the Benford predicted rates for the first two digits: Log10 (1 + 1/twodigits).
If a signal P0 is input to a fiber and a signal P is transmitted, the loss in decibels is expressed as dBloss = 10 log10 (P0/P).
The radar range equation then becomes: PR = -103 + PT + 2G -20 logl0 (F) -40 log10 (D)
IgG antibody responses were also induced, with a log10 titer of 4.
5 minutes would inactivate 3 log10 cycles of the Salmonella population.
84 log10 CFU/cm2 respectively) were significantly lower as compared to APC values of retail outlets (7.
6 log10 copies/mL between the less than 1 year and 10 years or greater groups.