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a string of islands off the northwestern coast of Norway in the Norwegian Sea

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uk) Bringing the jigsaw market into the 21st century, Ravensburger has produced a series of 1000-piece sets: Underwater Realm, Above The Roofs Of Paris, Animals Of Africa and Lofoten Norway.
Across the Vestfjorden from Bodo, the largest town of the Nordland, the craggy physique of the Lofoten islands prods the sky offshore.
The voyage's highest ratings came when the ship sailed into the Trollfjord in Lofoten for the midnight sun.
Leknes: The Lofoten archipelago's colorful Arctic trading/shopping center is ground zero for Norway's most stunning mountains and cliffs.
Eirik Evjen, who lives in Eggum in Lofoten decided to set up a camera to try to take pictures of the Aurora Borealis.
These ferries will serve two routes across Vestfjorden in Lofoten in
The exact location of the images remains unspecified; a trip to Lofoten, an arctic archipelago in the north of Norway, is mentioned, but details remain unclear.
But this was Norway's Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival and I had never been to that before.
Unexpected storms are a fact of life in Norway's Lofoten Islands, where Reine is located.
The other two prizes in the contest include an undersea trip to a Guinness bar 229 feet below the ocean's surface near the Lofoten Islands in Norway, as well as a private live studio performance by the band The Black Eye Peas.
Once, only trawlermen went to the Lofoten Islands, but as fish stocks diminish the brightly coloured shacks are being converted into accommodation for tourists attracted by the wild northern beauty.
Torvdalshalsen rest area forms part of a route set in the rugged and remote Lofoten Islands that lie just off Norway's northern coast.
The Lofoten was fixed for Labuan to Daesan at WS145, down from a market rate of WS157.
One of our earliest descriptions of Scandinavia at this time, this classic text seemed to gain archaeological substance in 1981, when a major early medieval farmstead complex was discovered by chance at Borg on the Lofoten islands, off the Norwegian west coast and nearly 200km north of the Arctic Circle.