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Synonyms for Lodge

Synonyms for Lodge

to remain as a guest or lodger

to become or cause to become stuck or lodged

to implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible

Synonyms for Lodge

English physicist who studied electromagnetic radiation and was a pioneer of radiotelegraphy (1851-1940)

small house at the entrance to the grounds of a country mansion

a small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter

Related Words

a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers

put, fix, force, or implant

file a formal charge against

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The Carlson award is given to a Navy Lodge for its achievements in guest satisfaction, associate experience, commitment to quality and focus on providing outstanding value to the Navy.
If you start early enough in the day, you can ski back to the Tamarack Lodge at midday.
When East first received a call from his partner asking him if he'd like to buy the Killarney lodge, he was already operating the Muskoka Sands Inn on Lake Muskoka; the Inn is now known as Taboo.
Today, guests at the lodge ($300 per person per night in summer, $350 in winter, including three meals) can enjoy all the amenities of home--including electricity, hot showers and cold drinks--without dipping into any polluting fossil fuel reserves.
In April, Orvis, the outdoor equipment and clothing outfitter, named Highland Hills its wing shooting Lodge of the Year for the 2003-2004 hunting season.
John's Lodge of Friendship continued in Fort Niagara.
Lodge benefits were insurance that members themselves had paid for with their dues, rather than the handouts that, in those days, appeared to carry a strong sense of shame among these hardworking fraternalists.
This essay will examine the composition of John Marrant's Sermon and Prince Hall's Charges, and i t will investigate Hall's African Lodge of Freemasons as a point of origination for Ethiopianist tradition.
The author also presents strong cases for Ancient military lodges, which consisted of officers from George Washington's general staff, and for the unsuccessful efforts of Masonic revolutionary leaders to establish a national Masonic Grand Lodge.
Today, Joseph's great grandsons Henry Lodge and Bob Kellermann have the helm, along with a board of directors made up of direct descendants of Joseph.
Party Night activity included moving all campers and staff to the basement of Clayton Lodge when severe storm warnings were given for Boone County.
The Howlin' Tornado will add yet another extreme element inside Bear Track Landing([TM]), the 55,000 square-foot waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge.
More than three dozen lodge members gave $100 or more each to pay for the mural, which cost nearly $4,000, Younkin said.
Huber typically sees about 1,000 visitors pass through his lodge each season.
She correctly suggests that this grand lodge was perceived as being an "Estates General of the Republic" and that some middle-class cultural elites within Dutch Masonry well might have been associated with the deistic circle of John Toland or with the quasi-Masonic organization known as the Knights of Jubilation.