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machine stitch in which the top thread interlocks with the bobbin thread

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double lockstitch 301 and 304 and double chain stitch 401.
The other muscle layers were repaired by lockstitch technique using chromic catgut no.
Pfaff: 3375 freely programmable CNC (computer numerical control) automatic lockstitch stitcher
The present range of Brother computerized lockstitch machines and Hikari computerized chainstitch and lockstitch machines are direct drive and save upto 50% electricity, have low noise, are oil free or semi oil free to avoid fabric staining.
The abdominal muscles were sutured by lockstitch pattern using chromic catgut followed by skin sutures by silk (Fig.
The Brunswick Green fabric, made from high-density polyethylene that is UV stabilized to prevent degradation, is a monofilament and tape-knitted lockstitch construction that will not tear or fray if cut.
Tenders are invited for Various Spares For Single Lockstitch Machine Seiko Model No.
The innovative needle geometry LoopControl(r) of chain stitch and lockstitch needles helps to form perfect loops.
OTCBB: TICE) has entered into an agreement with a private manufacturer of sewn promotional products to develop a multiple-head lockstitch (MHLS) industrial sewing machine application.
Ddl 8100eb ;juki- Single Needle Lockstitch Machine Complete Set Qty2
double lockstitch 301 and 304, and double chain stitch 401.