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an acute and serious infection of the central nervous system caused by bacterial infection of open wounds


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Between those cold fronts, when the seas calm down, sailfish can get lock-jaw or can be otherwise difficult to find.
Pain along with lock-jaw and/or paralysis of any of the pairs of cranial nerves would suggest malignancy (4).
And when I finally see something I'd like to learn more about, as soon as I find a sales rep, I sometimes get lock-jaw and have no idea what questions to ask (okay, that's still spot on).
We like them lock-jaw in our house," said Welsh television chef Angela Gray, who often puts them together for 16-year-old daughter Olivia and husband Mike.
The Staffordshire bull terrier bit on to me so I had chucked my dog on to the floor and the bull terrier got lock-jaw on to him.