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close with or as if with a tight seal


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place in a place where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape

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Manhattans, on Stockton High Street, was reprimanded by Stockton Council earlier this year after it was found to be hosting lock-ins, one of which ended in violence.
The Student Lock-In shopping event is run by the Cardiff-based student marketing company Total Students, and last for three hours.
The court heard that in October 1996 it had become the practice to have lock-ins at the Plough, which has since closed as a pub.
For this reason, in the first days of 2005 the migrants of the AUR once again began a lock-in.
And Countrywide Home Loans, the nation's biggest mortgage company, has a product that lets buyers lock-in a rate for a specific period of time.
Secondary marketing's hedging costs vary directly with lock-in exercise efficiency.
Disagreements over lock-in rates are among the complaints most often heard by the state," said Squadrito.
On the wholesale side, where Directors usually sees borrowers lock-in for between 10 and 30 days, February registered the heavy fallout that resulted from the rate drops at the start of the year.
We had one drink, the bell was rung and then that most glorious of things, a lock-in.
Many savers with a large sum put their money into LOCK-IN accounts which offer a higher return because you can't touch your money for an agreed time.
And they should weigh up any benefits in a deal against the lock-in.
Alliance and Leicester for example are still offering lock-in deals, or "tails" as they call them, but instead of tying customers to the standard variable rate, they are now offering a special "tracker" rate of 1.
It all depends on how much the redemption penalty is and how long the lock-in is.