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a seaport on the Atlantic coast of Angola

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The refinery is to be built some 10 km north of the city of Lobito and the project management consultant (PMC) is Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) of the US.
The majority of liners entering into regional waters stop at Walvis Bay, in Namibia, and Owen-Collett maintains that destinations like the Angolan ports of Luanda and Lobito remain largely unexplored from a tourism standpoint.
These will be used to transport oil from the field to the Benguela Belize Lobito Tomboco platform, located in Angola Block 14.
teve que ir ao Lobito primeiro, nao desembarcou em Luanda por causa da Pide, e do Lobito veio para ca por terra.
With the popular DJ Lobito spinning the tunes, the Qatar cypher promises an array of foot-stomping beats sure to provide exceptional and utmost entertainment.
It includes three other umbilical manufacturing companies: DUCO Inc in Houston, US, Angoflex Ltda in Lobito, Angola, and Asiaflex Products Sdn Bhd in Johor, Malaysia.
Also on stage were the Emirati brothers who make up Desert Heat, Farid Karam Nassar, better known in the music industry as Fredwreck, Khalifa and Abdullah, DJ Lobito (Zulu Nation Middle East), Ridim Crew (Zulu Nation Middle East), Robin, DJ Rone Jaxx and The Recipe who were given a rousing welcome when they performed some of their own material, proving that hip-hop is on the rise in the region.
On the sidelines of the signing of an investment contract to build the Palanca Cimentos cement factory, to be built in the municipality of Lobito, Benguela province, Helder Bataglia said that construction of the three dams was expected to cost US$400 million.
DJ Lobito (James Valera), who is from Zulu Nation, specialises in break beats and gave the event the much required tempo for breakdance.
Forced labor combined with British financing to construct three railroads from the coast to the interior, the most important of which was the transcontinental Benguela railroad that linked the port of Lobito with the copper zones of the Belgian Congo and what is now Zambia, through which it connects to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Sonangol is planning a 200,000 bpd capacity oil refinery in the southern town of Lobito which will dwarf the existing small-scale refining facilities in the capital Luanda (40,000 bpd) and Malongo (10,000 bpd) The first-phase development of the refinery should see output of around 110,000 b/d starting in 2011-2012, before ramping up to full capacity within two years after an investment of at least US$5 billion.
It recently handled all the subsea based flooding and pigging operations on the Lobito Tomboco offshore Angola.
And Norman Reeve sent in this pic of workers from Duco Ltd in Wallsend celebrating Michael Owen's first goal for the Magpies with the Evening Chronicle and the youth of Lobito Market in Angola, West Africa.
On June 21, 2001 and December 4, 2002, a 40-mile stretch of the Atlantic coast of Africa, just north of Lobito, Angola, experiences totality twice in 18 months.
The mine blew up while Mr Justin Bailey, aged 27, was working on it near the southern Angolan town of Lobito.