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Moreover, because major business lobbies will continue to demand in one form or another the kind of liberalization envisaged in the MAI, this poses a fundamental challenge to the prospects for future WTO rounds.
business lobby activities in the wake of the Uruguay Round, and why business lobbies subsequently lost control of and interest in the negotiations.
In the different case of the European Community, where the institutional structure of policymaking is more complex than in the United States or Japan, lobbies are forced to divide their efforts between national capitals and Brussels.
In contrast to the big protrade business lobbies, traditional anti-liberalization business lobbies tended to be organized more along sectoral lines and were often made up of smaller, domestic-oriented firms and associated labor groups.
The European Single Market Programme and NAFTA, both strongly promoted by proliberalization business lobbies, are typical examples at the regional level.
Business lobbies, particularly those from the United States, were keen to push what they termed a "high standard, liberal investment regime" after a disappointing Uruguay Round.