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a word borrowed from another language


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De Caluwe-Dor, Juliette 1979 "The chronology of the Scandinavian loan-words in the Katherine Group", English Studies 60/6:680-685
The only problem is the readiness of a scholar to accept the idea that most of the languages which took part in ancient contacts, had not left living descendants, and, therefore, among the loan-words in, e.
The reasons for the production of such a work are manifold and vital, and as a companion to Old English lexical studies it should prove invaluable: those researching semantic and stylistic issues have long felt the need for a tool with which to clarify the full range of synonyms available during this period; students of loan-words in this and later eras will also find it a tremendous help in discovering the possible items with which new acquisitions had to compete.
More than three hundred words and expressions that are included in the Hebrew Bible, some intact and some in modified form, have been recognized by Egyptologists as Egyptian loan-words.
The book's second part also contains numerous indices to facilitate research; specifically, there are forty-seven indices, organized by language, for words mentioned in connection with the Iranian loan-words.
Bjorkman, Erik 1900-1902 Scandinavian loan-words in Middle English.
The Preface to B defends the policy of excluding etymologies (except for loan-words and calques), and place, personal and tribal names (though DOE does record where common nouns or adjectives function as name elements).
379-909), and Lin Meicun ("Qilian and Kunlun: The Earliest Tokharian Loan-words in Ancient Chinese," pp.
While it is only to be expected that the Early Modem period meant an increase in the borrowed vocabulary in English and a greater variety in the lexis indicating abstract concepts, sixteenth and seventeenth century Boethius translations show that loan-words never superseded native vocabulary in expressing 'happiness', and that, in this particular case, the end result of the development was the victory of a native word and the restriction of the loan to marked meanings or contexts.
The bibliography and abbreviations are combined into one section, followed by an index of manuscript sources, a general index, a brief index of Greek and Latin loan-words, and one of the biblical verses cited in the targumic passages.
Giulio Soravia's impressive study of 1,436 Arabic loan-words in Somali demonstrates that some were borrowed from spoken Arabic dialects (e.
Non-classical or specialized usages of Arabic terms or phrases often fail to appear in the index of Arabic words, and while a number of Greek loan-words are identified, there is no index to cover them.
As the Saurashtrans have resided for centuries in areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, loan-words from both of these languages are inevitable.
Some of them accepted the idea of the existence of foreign elements in the Quran, whereas others rejected it, claiming that the Arabic language does not need loan-words (see Sawaie, p.