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a word borrowed from another language


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However, some Greek loan words also appear in the Coptic index, making both difficult to navigate.
Loan words are words adopted from another language, and completely or partially naturalized.
Old Swedish loan words have been acquired from the earlier stage of development of Swedish, spoken from the 9th century to the first quarter of the16th century (Raag 1988:658).
The Academie Francaise is infamous for its efforts to stop--and failures to block--English loan words like le weekend and la sexe-appeal.
The Spanish solution offers access to more than 500,000 definitions, idiomatic phrases, phrasal verbs, up-to-date coverage of Spanish and English vocabulary, including specialized vocabulary, slang, neologisms, loan words etc.
The code behind the Matrix is represented as green cathode ray lettering that is primarily composed of numbers and Japanese katakana (squarish characters used mainly to represent foreign loan words in Japanese), scrolling from top to bottom on the screen (like Japanese and Chinese can), and apparently random in content.
Some commonly used words from India stand out clearly in our minds as "foreign" or "Indian" loan words, perhaps because we still perceive them to represent something peculiar and distant despite their proven usefulness and wide-ranging applications.
Thus, in Brazilian Portuguese many words which are normally, or apparently, Portuguese words, end up being semantically loan words from Yoruba.
These literary languages would be written in Russian letters and "enhanced" with Russian loan words, but ultimately the "method" presupposed a pursuit of Russification based on encouraging rather than rejecting "alien" language.
Linguistic froth, such as loan words from other languages, frequently becomes a source of heated debate ("Search for the Tree of Babel," SN: 5/25/02, p.
In modern Japanese, it is most typically used to write non-Chinese loan words, for emphasis, or to give the sound of a kanji or Chinese ideograph.
Miller, finally, deals with "The adaptation of loan words in Quebec Sign Language: multiple sources, multiple processes" (pp.
This means that they are psychologically conditioned for significant resistance towards loan words.
What remains to be explained for Nepali, however, is why the kinship terms used to refer to strangers are mostly loan words.
In the author's view, the readiness with which English was absorbed into la bella lingua was hastened also by the fact that, during the Fascist period that preceded the war, Mussolini, out of concern for the potentially disruptive political ideas reaching Italians through English loan words, had used legal means to abolish the public use of stranierismi.