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a word borrowed from another language


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Old Swedish loan words have been acquired from the earlier stage of development of Swedish, spoken from the 9th century to the first quarter of the16th century (Raag 1988:658).
The Academie Francaise is infamous for its efforts to stop--and failures to block--English loan words like le weekend and la sexe-appeal.
When a loan word is introduced in a translated form, in a decalque form, the equivalent meaning can only be approximate.
Repeated use in Italian of an Anglicism promotes the creation of neologisms based on the loan word (e.
It is also important to distinguish between calque and loan word.
In his translation dating from the end of the 17th century, Richard, Lord Viscount Preston, the latest of the translators in my survey, makes use of loan words borrowed from French or directly from Latin, often using two synonymous nouns to indicate a concept.
Given the emphasis traditional Chinese society placed on the concept of respect and the need for rulers to instill a sense of respect in their underlings, it is not surprising that Manchu ginggun represents an early loan word.
The lexical devices used in illustrating this ideology are lexical innovations and loan words.
They address challenges in translating a largely defunct Old Yiddish dialect spiced with Italian loan words.
Words like 'egg', 'window', 'their', 'them' are loan words from Scandinavian language.
Mutations get mangled; the gender of nouns disappear; loan words invade the language.
Kootenai whose loan words sound in names Of ranges and depopulated
Also described in this chapter are morpho-phonological alternations in affixes, and phonological aspects of reduplication/repetition and loan words.
The system employed Spanish loan words for key Christian concepts such as God and praying but also co-opted other Quechua terms with religious significance.
The fact that it is written in Roman not Arabic script and that modern Maltese uses many Italian loan words - thank you is "grazie" - does not really matter.