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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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FCA chief executive Andrew Bailey told the Mirror: "On one estate loan sharks were hanging around the school gate, handing out their details to the children as they left school, telling them to get their mums to ring them if they wanted new trainers.
Warwickshire County Council is working in partnership with the England Illegal Money Lending Team to launch a campaign to try and encourage residents to turn away from loan sharks and report if they have been a victim of threats, violence and intimidation.
The National Trading Standards' illegal money lending team, which investigates and prosecutes loan sharks, is putting forward the cash which groups can bid for to fund their anti-loan shark projects.
Head of the Illegal Money Lending Team, Tony Quigley, said: "We will continue to work to combat loan sharks.
An estimated PS700 million a year goes through illegal loan sharks and StepChange debt charity said: "The team protects very vulnerable people and no other organisation can fill the gap if the cuts go ahead.
It comes as studies by The Stop Loan Sharks Project reveal that 20% of victims in past cases admitted that they had borrowed cash to fund their way through the festive period.
It is important for those caught in the hands of a loan shark to know that help is available.
Age Concern representatives will then pass on expert advice on how to guard against loan sharks at a drop-in session open to the public.
Figures from WIMLU suggest a dramatic increase in the number of people in Wales turning to loan sharks.
Community Housing Cymru and the Wales Illegal Moneylending Unit (WIMLU) have a launched the Don t Get Bitten by Loan Sharks campaign to combat the problem of illegal money lenders.
Dubai: Loan sharks continue to victimise cash-strapped UAE residents despite strict laws against the practice, a new report has said.
Cash-strapped residents who have fallen victim to loan sharks in the UAE are being urged to put aside their fear and report their plight to police.
A FRESH assault on the growing number of loan sharks has been launched by the Scottish Government.
PEOPLE struggling to pay off Christmas debts are being warned not to sign up with loan sharks who've been found charging interest rates of up to 3,000%.
DESPICABLE and predatory" loan sharks operating in Wales are charging vulnerable victims interest of up to 131,000% APR, a team of investigators responsible for clamping down on rogue money lenders has revealed.