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fit or suitable to live in or with


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The concept of livability is simple: it assesses which locations around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions.
Instead, our task is to plan for this growth in a way that preserves and enhances livability, equity and sustainability.
The 2015 livability index of Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Karachi 135th out of 140 cities; Dhaka was the only major city in South Asia with a lower ranking.
Rapid urbanization and the spread of urban sprawl and encroachmnent into environmentally sensitive areas in the countryside have imposed a challenge to maintain livability [12], Regarding the fact that Darake was one of the old villages around Tehran and now it has become a part of Tehran due to urban development and its proper climate due to existence of gardens and lakes and being near to main population center in north of Tehran and being proposed as a tourist site, have problems such as: lack of user intermixture in the district and the problems of access to local services (not having pharmacy, adequate health services, etc.
Public policy researchers from the National University of Singapore explore definitions of livability and how in any particular ranking it is influenced by the target audience.
The Economist Intelligence Unit, an independent forecasting and advisory business within the Economist Group, defines livability by the following criteria: stability, health care, education, infrastructure, culture and environment.
In 2012, the panel will address the cross-cutting issue of livability and its implications for cities and regions.
The Liveability Index showcases the livability profiles of the Indian cities from various perspectives, such as from point of view of Corporates who wants to invest, people who want to choose a city to live in, people who are already a part of the city and the government that is trying to figure out the weak areas of the various cities and enhance the policies accordingly.
The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) announced the 2011 MAS Summit for New York City, the organization's second annual conference devoted to examining New York's livability, will take place October 13 and 14.
This paper makes the case for the urgency of achieving global systems thinking about livability and sustainability.
The investment is part of the livability initiative to better coordinate transportation, housing and commercial developments.
Enhancing livability, in part, also means ensuring that roads provide safe mobility for all travelers--not just motor vehicles.
Kirklees was joint 27th of 120 councils surveyed by disabled charity Livability.
I work for Livability Holidays which is a part of the national charity Livability.
The most frustrating moment of Livability, Jon Raymond's book of short stories, is at the end of "New Shoes" when we don't find out if Dan is going to get funding to produce his screenplay.