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a native or inhabitant of Lithuania

the official language of Lithuania

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You can find out more about the updated data of the Lithuanian rural development program for the period of 2014-2020.
According to the conclusion drafted by the European Law Department, the EU directive for audiovisual media only defines cases when member-states want to stop broadcasts or rebroadcasts of a television program instead of imposing restrictions, while "measures restricting the freedom of receiving and transmission of programs", Lithuanian lawyers say, can be applied in accordance to national law of the member-state, in this case, the Law on Provision of Information to the Public.
The range of ICT solutions offered by Lithuanian companies is quite wide cyber security, e-government and e-business, fintech, smart city and smart society.
Lithuanian Brothers took the upper hand in the first quarter, scoring 10 points to BC Rivals' six.
The Lithuanian foreign minister, heading a high-ranking delegation, arrived in Tehran on Saturday morning to discuss bilateral ties and regional developments with senior Iranian officials.
Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the Lithuanian insurance industry and each sector within it
This project will not only involve research of all Lithuanian music scores, both paper and electronic, but also will cover music scores in Braille.
Prime Minister Gruevski confirmed the strategic commitments of the Republic of Macedonia to EU and NATO membership and expressed gratitude for the Lithuanian support in this regard.
Lithuanian embassy in Azerbaijan, the one-day visit is exploratory in nature.
Accurate researches of English recognizer application for the recognition of Lithuanian last names and Lithuanian digits names are presented in sources [3], [4].
29 ( ANI ): The Lithuanian State Tourism Department and the Lithuanian Embassy in India will be holding the first Lithuanian tourism presentation at the residence of the country's ambassador on Wednesday.
Their achievements will now be commemorated by The National Lithuanian American Hall of Fame (NLAHF).
Contributors mostly from the Lithuanian Institute of History explore relations between the two ethnic peoples in autonomous Lithuania within the Russian Empire then under German occupation.
Meilus completed his education in Lithuania at the Rokiskis Gymnazium and the War College and was a non-commissioned officer and a decorated veteran of the Lithuanian Army.
Historically Lithuanian exports of goods were growing at a high rate especially after its reorientation that followed Russian crisis.
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