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Revision of the family Lithodidae Samouelle, 1819 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura) in the Atlantic Ocean.
XXXI: descriptions of new genera and species of crabs of the family Lithodidae, with notes on the young of Lithodes camtschaticus and Lithodes brevipes.
Incluyo a las familias Palaemonidae, Gnathophyllinae, Alpheidae, Hippolytidae, Callianasidae, Palinuridae, Lithodidae, Porcelanidae, Majidae, Xanthidae, Grapsidae y Portunidae, la mayoria de ellos crustaceos bentonicos.
It would be of major interest to gain information from the Lithodidae and Porcellanidae, the two other groups of anomurans that have either a different size range than the Galatheidae and Paguridae (most lithodid crabs are very large) or a different way of eating (porcellanid crabs are filter-feeders).
Nueva distribucion de Paralomis birsteini Macpherson, 1988 en aguas antarticas (Anomura, Lithodidae, Lithodinae).