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the informed analysis and evaluation of literature


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It plays a key role in the history of philosophy and is of particular interest for literary studies in the work of Schleiermacher and Dilthey.
In their introduction to "Service Learning And Literary Studies In English, the editors trace the history of service learning in the United States, including the debate about literature's role, and outline the best practices of the pedagogy.
The author's vast knowledge and meticulousness also make the book a great reference text for anyone interested in a ludological reworking of literary studies.
Cognitive literary studies has been flourishing for the past ten years and has had particular relevance within narratology (my own area of research), where cognitive insights have developed exponentially in the past fifteen years or so.
Various new initiatives in Scottish literary studies were also launched at the Congress.
Dealing head-on with intentionality, the bugbear of all deconstructionist critics who have hijacked literary studies to the great detriment of the discipline, it is crucial to the understanding of Swirski's masterpiece as well as to the understanding of how his contemporary approach can be understood in terms of Ingarden's phenomenology.
This anthology collects the best and most important articles on postcolonial literary studies published in MFS in the past thirty years.
Rather than resisting the research and social power of the sciences, the field of literary studies has new opportunities to leverage scientific discoveries, particularly in psychology and neuroscience, to argue for its own enduring relevance.
There are essays which concern themselves with literary studies as a discipline: "Formalism and Structuralism in Literature in the Human Sciences;" "Critical Reflections on Literary Studies;" "Theory and Its Terrors;" Innovation and Repetition;" "Conversion in Literature and Christianity.
Literary studies too was moribund, conquered by two tedious forms of moralizing: "the prevailing one, of platitude; and the minority one, of rigor.
Richardson (English, Boston College) offers an introduction to the emerging field of cognitive literary studies (the interdisciplinary study of literature and cognition) while keeping questions of literary history at the forefront.
The new ways of thinking about literature offered by Cognitive Literary Studies and Cognitive Poetics offer detailed means of understanding pre-modern mentalities and fresh perspectives on the literary products of remote cultures.
As such, Lire, Interpreter, Actualiser is a highly engaged contribution to a discussion that has taken on a greater urgency not only in France, but in the US as well--the place and the pourquoi of literary studies in the university as well as in society in general.
College-level libraries strong in African literary studies will welcome the introductory Student Encyclopedia of African Literature, which offers biographies of writers, synopses and analysis of major African literary works, and discussions of trends affecting individual African nations.
Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang opens the volume with a call to reconceptualize Taiwanese literary studies in the direction that could free scholars from the old referential frame that exclusively privileges the China/Taiwan relationship.