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Swedish physicist (born in Austria) who worked in the field of radiochemistry with Otto Hahn and formulated the concept of nuclear fission with Otto Frisch (1878-1968)


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Lise Meitner is of particular interest for a number of reasons.
This bothered Lise Meitner especially, and after she was forced to flee Germany in the summer of 1938, she maintained contact with Otto Flahn and continued to urge them to solve the problem.
While a few of these scientists later claimed Nobel prizes or appeared on postage stamps, one gained what may be the ultimate chemical accolade: Austrian physicist Lise Meitner had element 109, meitnerium, named in her honor.
Skirting about this domestic arrangement is Lise Meitner (Andrea Ludwig), a character based on the real-life nuclear scientist who collaborated on the discovery of nuclear fission but then refused to work on the Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb.
Sara wrote about astronomer Henrietta Swann Leavitt, who discovered a means for measuring distances in space, Zoe picked Lise Meitner, the first scientist to identify nuclear fission, and Christine recalls American biologist Kary Mullis who dreamt up a way of revolutionising DNA research.
Fission, by Tom Weston, morphs the Holocaust, physics, and the divide between the sexes into a humane, funny, and informative profile of mid-twentieth-century Austrian scientist Lise Meitner.
Des Jardins describes the particularly discomfiting situation in which Lise Meitner, a theoretical physicist, was not credited for her conception of fission.
Austrian physicist Lise Meitner who discovered nuclear fission was sixth in the list, while British chemist Dorothy Hodgkin who pioneered X-ray techniques was at seventh.
Women in the shadows; Mileva Einstein-Maric, Margarete Jeanne Trakl, Lise Meitner, Milena Jesenska, and Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky.
He indicates briefly how politics and economics affected the course of research, most tellingly how World War I and then the rise of fascism impacted scientists such as Lise Meitner.
of Pennsylvania) profiles seven of those figures, including the aforementioned Delbruck and Bohr, as well as Paul Ehrenfest, Lise Meitner, Werner Heisenberg, Wolgang Pauli, and Paul Dirac, describing their activities at the meeting and setting them within the wider context of their lives and careers in the pre-dawn of the nuclear era.
One example is the work that Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner did in Germany.
Pierce: Pioneer In Satellite Communications; Lise Meitner And The Atomic Age.
In the amazing years of the early nuclear age, scientific pioneers like Lise Meitner gradually unlocked the secret of existence at the most profound physical level -- that of the atom.