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capital and largest city and economic and cultural center of Portugal

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The merchant in London, vesting this hundred pounds in English goods, such as the captain had written for, sent them directly to him at Lisbon, and he brought them all safe to me to the Brazils; among which, without my direction (for I was too young in my business to think of them), he had taken care to have all sorts of tools, ironwork, and utensils necessary for my plantation, and which were of great use to me.
Neither was this all; for my goods being all English manufacture, such as cloths, stuffs, baize, and things particularly valuable and desirable in the country, I found means to sell them to a very great advantage; so that I might say I had more than four times the value of my first cargo, and was now infinitely beyond my poor neighbour - I mean in the advancement of my plantation; for the first thing I did, I bought me a negro slave, and an European servant also - I mean another besides that which the captain brought me from Lisbon.
Lisbon seems to be working hard to preserve its past but at the same time is rushing enthusiastically into all that is trendy and modern.
Not so in Portugal: Lisbon's city government not only lent its support to O Fantasma but also helped underwrite the fourth Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, where the film made its local debut in September as the event's closing-night attraction.
The European Central Bank's annual report for 1999, published right after the Lisbon summit concluded, reassuringly speaks of a "golden opportunity" for Europe's revitalization.
The Lisbon Valley uranium mining district is located in the Colorado Plateau region, 30 miles south of Moab, Utah in San Juan County.
InterContinental Lisbon will open in just a few weeks time and will undergo a phased refurbishment of the lobby and public areas.
Tuesday marked the opening of the UEFA Champions Gallery and UEFA Champions Museum in Lisbon and effectively opened the festival as well.
Upon arrival at the New University of Lisbon, Shaikh Sultan was welcomed by Portuguese Secretary of State of Higher Education Jose Ferreira Gomes, university Rector Antonio Rendas, and deans of colleges and faculty members.
VISIT Lisbon is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a mixt of new and old.
It is a real pleasure for me and an exciting moment in my career to join a European giant like Sporting Lisbon.
The airline, further extending its European reach, will start a daily service to Lisbon in the south west corner of Europe just six days after launching flights to Barcelona in neighbouring Spain," the Emirates statement said.
He lashed out at them for their admissions that they had not read the Lisbon Treaty in full yet were urging Irish people to vote for it.
Rasmussen has declared in his opening speech that the decisions to be taken by the Lisbon Summit will fashion the future of the Alliance and will solidify its commitment to freedom and security.
Lisbon still has an impressive tram service Lisbon's skyline and (inset) the 15th Century Tower of Belem Cool.