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combining audio and video recording in such a way that the sound is perfectly synchronized with the action that produced it

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Channing Auditorium, and half a dozen Bombers went up onstage to fall under Royter's spell, which, it turned out, meant lipsynching to Madonna and Garth Brooks.
Not only did the lipsynching quote the history of drag queen performance, but it also quoted the Athenian singing, dancing chorus, which also, no doubt, referenced the Athenian street performances.
The staging was simple, the dancers in the shadows, with the spotlight firmly on her and she danced and thrusted her way around, sometimes singing, sometimes lipsynching, and not really disguising that she wasn't doing the main vocals on some songs.
This was a show and a half and, at 61, she showed today's young pretenders on the music scene how it should be done - no lipsynching, just pure vocal brilliance with a clarity I have seldom heard before.
It follows controversy over the opening ceremony where TV pictures of fireworks were digitally enhanced and a girl lipsynching the words of another young singer who was not considered cute enough because she wore braces.
Highlights include star Tony Scotti stiffly lipsynching the theme song (while smoking) on a gondola in Venice.
Disguising themselves as drag queens with industrial-strength makeup and big-haired wigs, the girls wow the crowd by singing live rather than the usual lipsynching.
He soon hypnotized kids in the close-knit 'hood by constantly filming fantasies that encompassed everything from nuclear war and ninja fighting to amateur gore-horror, Vietnam War combat, child abuse, Nazi concentration camp executions and New Wave musical lipsynching.
Britney, who had just flown in to London from Paris, wore skimpy hotpants while lipsynching to new single Womanizer.
Directed, animated, edited by Syd Garon, Eric Henry; art direction, illustration, Doug Cunningham; character design, Cunningham, Trisha Golubev-Lerner; lipsynching, additional animation, Golubev-Lerner; director of 3-D animation, Matt Whitman, StudioBee Team; music, DJ Qbert; sound, Kormann Roque, Nate Brenholdt; additional editing, Kim Bica, CL Weaver; additional cinematography, Cameron Noble.