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a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that casts an entire line as a single slug of metal

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Oh, wow, a Linotype machine," he said sarcastically.
But sitting at a linotype machine, duplicating the words of journalists as a small cog in the production machine, was not going to keep Roy happy for very long.
More sophisticated hot-metal linotype machines were used until the arrival of digital technology in the 1980s.
Malcolm's father Hector was overseer of the linotype machines at Thomson House and just 24 hours after completing my National Service - I was a cook in the officers' mess at Warminster - I found myself cleaning Hector's lino-type machines.
Carefully picking my way through pages which had once been churned out by hot metal linotype machines in the old Post and Mail building in Colmore Circus, (yes, it's that long ago) I came across a few gems.
People were writing stories on linotype machines, where you type the story, print it out and lay those strips out into columns to look like a newspaper.
We will fight them on the footplate, we will fight them on the Linotype machines, we will fight them on the beam engines - but we will never surrender
They fed the "hot lead pots" to linotype machines, providing the lead that cooled into print type, only to be added to and returned through the melting process.
Loading up the Echo vans New of the New Zealand earthquake spread across the world in just seconds Typewriters, pens and copy boys - the Daily Post sub-editors, in about 1950 A print or digital page from the Daily Post can be created in minutes - a far step from the days of linotype machines
From a four-page black and white broadsheet created on linotype machines which cast type in full lines using hot lead by an army of printers, to the modern phototypesetting process printing full colour papers - from typewriters to computers, from horse-drawn carts to vans delivering the papers which can also be 'wired' out to all corners of the globe.
The collection includes three Linotype machines, which speeded up printing by creating an entire line of type in one go rather than by hand, letter by letter.
But their news reality is as dead as they are-as dead as manual typewriters, linotype machines, and hot type.
Around the turn of the century, compositors who set up the print, arrived for work in bowler hats and chewed tobacco or camomile at their linotype machines because smoking was forbidden.
He retired in March after a 53-year newspaper career that began with melting lead for Linotype machines in 1949, but former Morning News editor Jim Morriss continues to win awards.
It is only in the last 30 years that computers have replaced the bulky Monotype and Linotype machines that had generated type in much the same way Gutenberg did in the 15th century.