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Swedish botanist who proposed the modern system of biological nomenclature (1707-1778)

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JUNIPERUS {jew-NIP-er-us; yoo-NIP-er-us} Linnaeus 1753 * Juniper; Red-Cedar * [Juniperus, Latin name for Juniper.
Both Verilet and Linnaeus customers will benefit from shared information between the companies, resulting in reduced development and maintenance time for health plans utilizing the tightly integrated solution.
ONOCLEA {on-oh-KLEE-uh} Linnaeus 1753 * Sensitive Fern * [Greek onos, vessel, and kleiein, to close; son are inclosed by inrolled leaf margins.
Evenhuis was then, and still is, sticking to the tradition of two-word names established in the 18th century by Carl Linnaeus, who actually came up with some doosies himself.
Sandy Weinberg has been named to the Linnaeus Chair at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA.
Additionally, the partnership will expand West Coast support of THESYS(R), as HCIM, based in Auburn, California, will become a Linnaeus certified support center.
In the 18th century, a Swede called Carl Linnaeus established a simplified form of Latin to describe plants.
Polypodium {polly-POH-dee-um} Linnaeus 1753 * Polypodies; Rock-cap Ferns * [Greek, poly, and podion, many feet; alluding either to the knob-like leaf scars on the rhizome or the foot-like branching of the rootstock.
Taxonomists have been rejiggering the standard biological nomenclature system for all of the 264 years since Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus published its first form.
Walshok joins the ranks of other known recipients of the Royal Order of the Polar Star including: Linnaeus, the father of Taxonomy in 1753; Dr.
Linnaeus University invite to tender applicable - Landlord for university premises in Kalmar locality University quay Eastern part.
I'dlove to meet Karl Linnaeus who was a Swedish botanist.
Under this agreement, Q Mark's industry leading HEDISHelp Software is now available to all Linnaeus clients.
OPHIOGLOSSUM {oh-fee-oh-GLOSS-um} Linnaeus 1753 * Adder's-tongue Ferns * (Greek ophis, snake, and glossa, tongue, referring to the sporulating portion of the fertile rachis.