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an early form of flight simulator

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The benefits of getting into the RAF were considerable: We didn't wear boots, just our regular black shoes; we didn't have to spend hours drilling with rifles like the poor bloody infantry; we didn't have puttees to Blanco; our instruction was usually in the classroom and not out in the rain dragging a 25-pounder about; and we had a glider and Link Trainers to play with.
The Link Trainer, however, used levers, valves and vacuum bellows to imitate an aircraft in flight.
One oddity is the Link Trainer, a little wooden box perched on a pivoting stand.
Current projects include restoring a Shackleton nose section and a Link Trainer which was used to train Spitfire pilots in the 1940s and 1950s.
The Link Trainer was rescued from being merely a curiosity and fairground attraction, and its serious training potential was recognized.
My first wife served three years in the WAVES, the Navy's auxiliary service, as an instructor on the Link Trainer, a mock cockpit.
Dr Foster said he was also impressed how satellite communications and computers were used to link trainers with apprentices in remote areas.
From instrument flight training to new navigation techniques to the first trainer designed to simulate flight in a jet-powered aircraft, Link trainers would continue to evolve and set new standards of excellence in pilot training.