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an atlas showing the distribution of distinctive linguistic features

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Clearly, one cannot hope to apply linguistic maps to a literary situation, but, and in the lack of studies along these lines, one should recognize that these maps constitute a representation truer to literary facts than the "pre-Columbian map," as Lambert has called it, which reigns supreme in literary studies: "since literary scientists hardly ever recognize non-written literature (least of all oral traditions), official literary studies in fact institutionalize a pre-Columbian world view.
In order to delineate the order of the current state of affairs and to address the above mentioned gaps in the comparative study of literary geography, I propose the following points of reflection: 1) the development of the idea of geoliterature founded in notions of geoculture and geopolitics; 2) the generation of literary maps from linguistic maps, and 3) comparatist problematics derived from cartographic thought.
In this respect, it should be understood that political maps are inexact representations of literatures and that linguistic maps raise certain difficulties: one thinks, for example, of translation or of the multinational literary diffusion of original language editions, all of which suggests that one possibility for the elaboration of literary maps lies in the recourse to systemic theory.
Social trends affect the linguistic map ultimately through language extinctions and production, and I suggest that the balance between the two can provide a good general gauge of their effects.
They coped differently primarily because they recognized the difference between linguistic maps and observed maps.
Linguistic maps of "safety," "security," "terrorism happens somewhere else," etc.
Incomplete reality combined with a projected unchanging future, and in effect produced a linguistic map that did not serve me well, or match my observable world adequately.
I slowly recognized that when I observed people and events as separate from the linguistic map that dominated my awareness immediately after my son died, I would discover more to life than a single painful focus.
We found it interesting to show Lithuania Minor in existing linguistic maps, and also in settlements, inhabited by lietuvininkai.
Viitso has been a valuable contributor to various Estonian encyclopedias; he has prepared surveys of the world's languages and language groups, provided linguistic maps of different continents with his own improvements, etc.
In the linguistic atlas of the Finnic languages, the linguistic maps prepared by Tiit-Rein Viitso and his explanations stand out by richness of historical phonological and morphological information.
The series of small scale linguistic maps represent characteristics of the dialect areas and are easily understandable to readers who specialize in the relevant language and culture but are not familiar with geospatial technologies.
It illustrates how your linguistic maps may have a visible effect on what you 'perceive,' respond to, etc.
We do well to become aware of and, when necessary, change the structure of our language in order to create more adequate linguistic maps.
Several of the most widely used approaches to psychotherapy are systems designed to bring about the remaking of linguistic maps in which the influences of general semantics are apparent (Christopher, 1998; Maas, 1997).