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official (in tennis, soccer, football, etc

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a person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone lines

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I would be interested to know how often Mark Halsey has worked with the two linesmen on the day because I think they should have a team that travels around together and works together, and can trust each other 100%, because that's where it fell down.
Under 14s: Two charges of player misconduct, nine charges of spectator misconduct, 11 of misconduct by linesmen or officials, 55 players sent off, three games abandoned.
The most we could reasonably ask for is that linesmen get some decisions right.
The one time we opened them up was at a set-piece and we scored a perfectly legal header, but the linesmen decides to intervene.
The other frustration for managers and players is the seeming dithering of linesmen, who appear incapable of giving a clear throw indication without looking at the referee.
Danish ref Tonny Poulsen and his two linesmen boobed as the Jambos crashed toa3-0 UEFA Cup defeat against Feyenoord.
A LEADING Grade One official last night insisted interfering linesmen are plunging the Scottish game into chaos.
But considering the amount they have to make in every game, linesmen by comparison look utterly inept.
In her new book, Tauziat describes Anna as a "Lolita" and says when Evert was at the peak of her career she "knew how to influence linesmen in her favour with her cute - and abbreviated - outfits".
And nowadays, there is an additional frustration for buyers: new instructions encouraging linesmen to delay the raising of their flag mean that sometimes it is no longer raised at all.
Linesmen, as I've said before this season,area curse on the game.
FOR the first time at a World Cup finals, a radio link will be used to improve communication between the match referee and his linesmen.
Violence should not be on the football fields and certainly not against referees, linesmen and those others who volunteer each year.
This means linesmen have a S chance of spotting a sly, tug, shove or kick out of sight of the referee if it is committed by a defender on the left side of the team.
8 Always have a detailed pre-game instruction and discussion session with your linesmen.