line of battle

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a line formed by troops or ships prepared to deliver or receive an attack

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At that stage the three leaders in Vettel, the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso and McLaren's Jenson Button were separated by a second after following one another, line astern, for the proceeding seven laps.
In the evening the dogs lie-in line astern reside the kitchen Rayburn.
Through the banks of fog racing ploughed on, although that looked unlikely when the riders in the first race came back reporting conditions unraceable as they came home line astern behind Express Wish.
This is in stark contrast to the regal swan leading her flotilla in line astern with dad bringing up the rear to see that the family is kept in order.
Leaving the green and going down out through the gatehouse, you turn back and look at the grey zinc roofs of what at first evokes a strange notion of the Grand Fleet with two squadrons of Dreadnoughts sailing in line astern to make a pincer movement on the Kriegsmarine.
Some roared into the bomber formation, while flying line abreast, Others barreled towards the Fortresses in line astern formation.