Lincoln's Birthday

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the day on which President Abraham Lincoln is remembered

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Since Washington's birthday fell right after Lincoln's birthday (February 12), many states chose to combine the two events into President's Day, a day that is now used for honoring all former US Presidents.
Brokers viewed the 26th and 27th floors, formerly The 60 Fast Club, on March 19, when the historic edifice, in a nod to its other namesake, belatedly celebrated President Lincoln's birthday.
More recently, an ad for a Lincoln's Birthday promotion invited customers to buy one, get the second for one cent" on nine products including printed comforters, regularly $34.
Successful Lincoln's Birthday Rallies for Civil Rights were organized by five chapters--Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Greater Illinois and Northern Florida.
On February 12, in honor of Lincoln's Birthday, Participant Media's Social Action Campaign, "Stand Tall: Live Like Lincoln" will bring the film to 8 U.
In fact, Georges laughs and says "I was born on George Washington's birthday and Daniel was born on Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, so little did we know we were destined to be Americans.
Lincoln's Birthday on the 12th, Valentine's Day on the 14th - less than a week away - and Washington's Birthday on the 22nd are all ahead of us.
That night, President Obama will celebrate Lincoln's birthday by attending a banquet in Springfield.
With the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birthday coming on Feb.
In fact, from the intrusive radio program commemorating Lincoln's birthday to newspaper headlines reporting Nazi nationalism and anti-Semitism, Lawd Today
From Slavery to Freedom" is a month-long series of more than 20 events between January 11th, in recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and February 12th, Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
The UNIA utilized Liberty Hall for meetings, activities and holidays such as Lincoln's Birthday and Garvey Day.
You know, he was born on Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Feb.
February 12, 2009 will mark the bicentennial of Lincoln's birthday.
President's Day honors Presidents Washington and Lincoln's birthday, but with our Presidents' Birthday Offer we hope to extend the celebration to every president's birthday throughout the year.
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