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2010) that Linaria alpina retains its viability in the soil for 5 years as estimated by artificial burial experiments, can be called into question because the soil environment may not enable adequate burial and subsequent avoidance of disturbance to maintain the conditions generated in their experiment.
The highly-sociable Linaria, however, has no such inhibitions.
Three noxious species listed by the Idaho Department of Agriculture included Bromus tectorum (Cheatgrass), Lepidium latifolium, and Linaria vulgaris (USDA, NRCS 2012).
Start your planting with annual flowers, including pansies, violas, pot marigold (calendula), bachelor's buttons, annual candytuft, carnations, larkspur, linaria (often referred to as baby snapdragons), lobelia, petunia, sweet pea, sweet alyssum, sweet William, stock, pansy, phlox (annual) and snapdragon, which are all frost-resistant plants.
Corolla herbivory, pollination success and fruit predation in complex flowers: an experimental study with Linaria lilacina (Scrophulariaceae).
vitis-idaea, Calluna vulgaris, Festuca ovina, Linaria vulgaris, Luzula pilosa and Melampyrum pratense in the dwarf shrub and herb layer, and Dicranum polysetum, D.
Linaria vulgaris Mill, Thymus serpyllum L are spread insignificantly.
One of the best plant examples of a fairly stable methylation pattern transmitted over many generations is found in the peloric (Greek for "monster") flower form of the toadflax Linaria vulgaris.
la lana), linaria (hilandera), lintearia (vendedora de lienzos),
forbesii (Jones, 1882) Theriosynoecum fittoni (Mantell, 1844) Theriosynoecum iberica (Kneuper-Haack, 1966) Theriosynoecum linaria (Kneuper-Haack, 1966) Theriosynoecum stupenda (Kneuper-Haack, 1966) Theriosynoecum triangula (Kneuper-Haack, 1966) Theriosynoecum varians Helmdach, 1974 Theriosynoecum vincentei (Kneuper-Haack, 1965)
1980) reconocen en Donana bajo la alianza Linarion pedunculatae las comunidades de Ononis variegata y Silene littorea, alternando con Artemisio crithmifoliae-Armerietum pungentis, y la comunidad de Linaria munbyana var.
At home, sympathy for the Republicans persuaded Liverpool dockers to "black" the Spanish ship, Linaria, because they feared the fascists would use its cargo of nitrate to make bombs.
japonicus Linaria japonica Lonicera japonica Metaplexis japonica Oxalis corniculata Paederia scandens Raphanus sativus var.
A N 4001 (Texas blue grass) Scrophulariaceae Linaria texana Scheele A, C, W N 4023 (Texas toad-flax) Solanaceae Solanum rostratum Dunal A N 3989 (Buffalo-bur) Ulmaceae Celtis reticulata Torr.
Perennials Sunset climate zones 7-9, 14-17: For spring bloom, plant alstroemeria, bleeding heart, campanula, catmint, columbine, coral bells, delphinium, dianthus, diascia, foxglove, Linaria purpurea, marguerites, scabiosa, and violets.