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ions are accelerated along a linear path by voltage differences on electrodes along the path

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of constant dose rate and constant angular spacing intensity-modulated arc therapy (CDR-CAS-IMAT) with conventional linacs for postoperative patients with cervical cancer.
Using a fourth linac to its full capacity will require six additional radiographers, costing PS250,000 a year, but savings would be made by carrying out some of the work currently done at Clatterbridge on the Wirral.
The latest linacs can deliver higher doses of radiation over shorter treatment courses, and are incredibly complicated machines that use a host of different technologies.
87m for phase one of the site improvement project for Velindre, includes a linac, two linac bunkers and a replacement linac.
Linacs provide a computerised 3-D reconstruction of a patient's anatomy to allow clinicians to deliver radiotherapy more precisely and reduce the risk to healthy organs.
He presents individual treatments of the fourth generation designs of energy recovery linacs, "fast cycling" storage rings, and open free electron lasers, which together are the three general categories of highly coherent x-ray sources that are becoming increasingly useful for interferometric methods.
The PLIA might reduce accelerator capital costs a hundred-fold compared to induction linacs," Logan said.
Also, industry developments like development of LINACs, rapid Arc therapy and proton therapy; growth drivers including rising cancer cases, increasing use of alcohol and tobacco, expanding obese population and ageing population, rising healthcare expenditure and increasing GNI; and challenges like fatal cancer types, risks associated with treatment procedure and side effects, increasing treatment costs and price pressure among others are discussed in detail.
The use of linear accelerators, or linacs for short, in radiotherapy has been rapidly growing in recent years, and the IAEA has received an increasing number of requests to provide standards and guidance on their safe and effective use (see chart).
Currently, the department treats patients using Elekta linacs and an Accuray TomoTherapy system.
com)-- RadParts is proud to announce their August 2013 special on all Millennium MLC Full & Half Leaf Motors for all Varian Linacs equipped with the Millennium MLC.
The centre's radiotherapy service is provided by three older generation linacs and a lower energy radiotherapy machine is used for treating superficial skin tumours.
It is interesting to note that the magnitude of standard deviations speak well for the stability of the linacs over a one-year period.
Linacs generate high intensity radiation beams to destroy cancer cells.