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ions are accelerated along a linear path by voltage differences on electrodes along the path

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Using a fourth linac to its full capacity will require six additional radiographers, costing PS250,000 a year, but savings would be made by carrying out some of the work currently done at Clatterbridge on the Wirral.
MLC motors are a common failure item for Linacs, and many sites like to keep a few extra on hand.
This centre a pioneer in cancer research and Europe's largest cancer centre, opened a new satellite clinic in Oldham and operates two Elekta Synergy linacs.
Linacs generate high intensity radiation beams to destroy cancer cells.
The investment will increase the number of linear accelerators - known as linacs - to seven at Velindre.
The massive linear accelerators - known as linacs - which help patients fight cancer, were hoisted into place this week.
Hakan Bergstrom, CFO at Elekta, explained the importance of Elekta's installed base of linacs.
External Radiotherapy is future divided into Gamma Knife, LINACS.
Affectionately known as linacs , the machines help with treatment of a wide range of cancer types including breast, prostate, lung and head-and-neck cancers.
The excellent quality of the kV treatment verification images - versus the megavoltage[MV] images the other linacs produce - allows a clear visualization of soft tissue structures without the need for implanted surrogate markers.
The linacs improve on the current quality of service at the cancer centre by providing computerised three-dimensional reconstruction of patient make up to allow clinicians to deliver radiotherapy to cancer patients more precisely, reducing the risk to healthy organs.
The machines, known as linacs, can be used to accurately target and destroy cancer cells.
According to the National Radiotherapy Advisory Group (NRAG), the NHS in England alone will need to replace a significant number of linacs between 2012 and 2016*.
ExacTrac is planned to be integrated with a total of two Elekta linacs at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India.
The extra cost of the expansion programme, paid for by the Welsh Assembly Government, is the building work to house the linacs, which are placed in large, radiation-proof concrete bunkers.