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Contribucion al conocimiento de la biologia reproductiva de Neocorbicula limosa (Maton) 1809 (Mollusca Pelecypoda).
I chose the seafood limosa ($22) out of curiosity and because I love seafood.
hermanii, Hildenbrandia rivularis, Fontinalis antipyretica Fontinalis antipyretica-Cladophora glomerata Vietomis gausios: Hildenbrandia rivularis, Oscillatoria limosa, Phormidium uncinatum, Audouinella chalybea, A.
The effects of disturbance on habitat use by black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa.
Almost all black-tailed godwits (Limosa limosa islandica) fly into the lowlands of Iceland to nest, starting about mid-April.
Conical flasks (250 mL) were used for the experiment and the treatments details were as follows: A1/A2 represents Nostoc commune and Oscillatoria limosa, while wastewater without medium and algae represents control.
Such 'special' plants include, for example, poisonous (adjective) Daphne mezereum, tender (adjective) Carex limosa, pink-blossomed (adjective) Glaux maritima, and Astralus danicus--a legume with tight purplish blue inflorescences.
Crassostrea gigas individuais were obtained from stocks originating from the following locations: Pendrell Sound and Seymour Inlet (Canada), "Kumamoto" (Japan), Guernsey Sea Farms, Limosa Famas (River Yealm), and River Lynher (all UK).