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Limonium carolinianum, Symphyotricum tenuifolium, Salicornia spp.
INCI name: Aqua/water (and) butylene glycol (and) limonium extract
The species include the purple flower-tipped plants Limonium nashii (sea lavender), the edible plant Salicornia europaea (pickleweed) and Triglochin maritima, a popular food for Brent and Canada geese as well as ducks and other migratory waterfowl.
We've chosen eucalyptus and hard ruskus foliage along with limonium and hardy protea foliage to create the "rough" and some flat moss for the "fairway".
Pick dried flowerheads and seedheads from limonium, helichrysum, poppies, nigella, lunaria and eryngiums.
I just couldn't be without statice in the spring-summer garden and the annual species I grow are Limonium sinuatum?
Add sea lavender, or perennial statice, Limonium perezii, for another beautiful shade of blue in the garden.
Free radical scavenging action of the medicinal herb Limonium wrightii from the Okinawa islands.
On more elevated secondary floodplains is the Sporobolus airoides (alkali sacaton) grassland with occasional Limonium limbatum (sea lavender) plants (Poole 1992; Van Auken & Bush 1998; Van Auken et al.
Samarangenin B from Limonium sinense suppresses herpes simplex virus type 1 replication in Vero cells by regulation of viral macromolecular synthesis.
Grieve studied two species of statice: Limonium perezii, cultivar Blue Seas, and L.
Now the astrological arrangement for Aries homebuyers is packed with bright red carnations and purple liatris, while the cool Capricorns are presented with elegant white lilies and delicate limonium.
Other higher plants growing in the marsh, such as Salicornia (pickleweed) and Limonium (marsh lavender), are typically both rare and inconspicuous.
Policar Arava Farms sells several varieties of Trachelium, Limonium and Gypsophilia worldwide.