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De Mello, "Application and analysis of the folin ciocalteu method for the determination of the total phenolic content from Limonium Brasiliense L.
Samarangenin B from Limonium sinense suppresses herpes simplex virus type 1 replication in Vero cells by regulation of viral macromolecular synthesis.
The secretion of the salt glands of Limonium latifolium Ktze.
Ca2+significantly enhanced development andsalt-secretion rate of saltglands of Limonium bicolorunder NaCl treatment.
11 - Limonium Californicum PLOT STARTING ENDING HxW % HxW CHANGE 1A 1.
Rating REN Citrus Limonium Prebiotic Hand Cream, PS300ml, PS17, renskincare.
Limonium carolinianum, Morus rubra, and Symphyotricum tenuifolium).
depredadores Invertebrados libelulas -- -- depredadores nayade Vegetacion Gramineas, dominante alrededor Aracaceae, Cyperus papyrus, Limonium sp.
The antioxidant activity presented by the extracts followed the order: Camellia sinensis > fermented Camellia sinensis > Camellia sinensis with Citrus limonium > Camellia sinensis with Mentha piperita > Camellia sinensis with Prunus persica > Camellia sinensis with Citrus sinensis.
She carried a hand-tied bouquet of all white flowers, which included roses, limonium, viburnum, and dahlias, finished with white satin ribbon encasing the stems.
Abstract: A new sterol was isolated from the leaves of Limonium stocksii, together with two other known sterols.
Studies on the chemical constituents of hypogeal part from Limonium bicolor.
The present work is devoted to test the ethyl acetate extract of the aerial parts Limonium thouinii as corrosion inhibitor for C steel in 1M HCl solution.
Direct somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf explants of Limonium sinensis (Girard) Kuntze.