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Coming back to the Hydrocharitaceae, a number of detailed analyses have been conducted of the architecture of the shoot system, particularly of freshwater representatives such as Limnobium, Hydrocharis, Elodea, Vallisneria, and Stratiotes (e.
Our observations on Limnobium and Vallisneria fit in with the same general interpretation of the relationships within the axillary complex, although the absence of stolon complexes in Vallisneria is notable.
The archetypal inflorescence in Hydrocharitaceae seems to be a long internode surmounted by a terminal flower above two bracts, which probably subtend lateral structures (Kaul, 1970), while the stolon of Hydrocharis (Posluszny & Charlton, 1999), Limnobium (Wilder, I 974b), and Stratiotes.
Earlier accounts describe the insertion of "vegetative buds" in male inflorescences of Stratiotes (Rohrbach, 1871) and in female inflorescences of Limnobium (Wilder, 1974b); we suspect that these were also stolon complexes rather than straightforward vegetative buds with foliage leaves.
The cytoskeleton and secretory vesicles in root hairs of Equisetum and Limnobium and cytoplasmic streaming in root hairs of Equisetum.
channels in the plasma membrane of Limnobium stoloniferum root hairs?
3-] uptake and fusicoccin in root hairs of Limnobium stoloniferum.