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Synonyms for switch

Synonyms for switch

to move to and fro vigorously and usually repeatedly

to leave or discard for another


to give up in return for something else

Synonyms for switch

control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit

an event in which one thing is substituted for another

hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair

railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections

a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment

a basketball maneuver

Related Words

the act of changing one thing or position for another

Related Words

change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence

exchange or give (something) in exchange for

make a shift in or exchange of

cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation

flog with or as if with a flexible rod

reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)

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If it doesn't reverse, set the limit switch 1/16 in.
The shot control velocity profile can be programmed in up to six separate motion blocks, and four electronic limit switch settings are available for initiating vacuum, start of intensification and follow through.
The compact size and ultracompact limit switch option assure that the valves fit into tight system space constraints.
Contract awarded for 23708505-siemens make open type limit switch with push rod and 3 sets of contact type 1 no + 2 nc type 3 se3 023 oaz1.
Options include foot control switch, lowering beeper, remote power unit, safety skirting, custom colors, adjustable tilt limit switch and raised base.
Bulldozing through heavy brush can damage the blade-down limit switch that's mounted below the cab door.
Quotations are invited for Supply Of Spares For 6 Hi Mill, Spring return, Roller Lever type Limit switch of Model: NLL2, Make: BCH, Spring return, Adjustable Roller Lever type
Motor, limit switch and encoder interfaces via SUB-D connectors located in 1 area.