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a soft white cheese with a very strong pungent odor and flavor

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The outlier is Limburger, which is typically served with dark rye bread and sliced onion.
Here was Stevens--a man who had a steady income from the Hartford Insurance Company, a connoisseur of Kraft's Limburger Spread with white burgundy amid the pigeons, an epicurean as deeply familiar with complacencies as the woman in "Sunday Morning," an emperor of ice cream whose preference for his private pleasures trumped the causes that occupied others--and here was Tate, always scrambling to earn enough to pay his bills, full of "amours and phobias," as Stevens later described him, yet always, too, in the thick of anything that might advance the cause of literature.
Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): A corpse flower nicknamed Chanel has bloomed for the first time in the US and in the process has released a stench resembling a cross between rotting flesh and Limburger cheese.
Among its extensive range of products are hard cheeses and soft cheeses, such as Emmentaler and Limburger, as well as sliced cheeses and other products like cream, butter, ricotta and mas-carpone.
All throughout the process, cheesemakers can employ any number of tricks to produce anything from Gouda to Limburger.
Catfish, on the other hand, with olfactory abilities that outdo a bloodhound and a bear combined, can apparently discriminate between oozing Limburger and Muenster cheeses.
Gouda, Limburger and Cambazola are all types of See question 26 what?
Malev CEO Lorant Limburger said in a statement that the airline's suppliers had lost confidence and begun demanding advance payments adding that: "The situation has become unsustainable," The Hungarian government could no longer provide cash injections to help the airline, following a European Commission ruling on January 9 that state aid given to Malev between 2007 and 2010 was unlawful The 38 billions forints (US$171.
In a letter to the airline's 2600 staff, Malev chief executive Lorant Limburger wrote: "Unfortunately this morning that thing has happened that we feared the most and that we worked together diligently to the last minute and did everything we could to avoid.
Its scent has drawn comparisons to Limburger, but the taste is milder, with a buttery texture.
Hitting his tattling stride during the war, he offered up a Limburger cheese plate of gossip, propaganda, and outright lies in a daily newspaper column and weekly radio show.
The right-wing Heritage Foundation assailed the recommendations as the "Obamacare Rationing Threat to Your Mammograms" (Heritage 2009), while most Democrats also backed away from the report as if it were a pile of overripe Limburger cheese.
Maybe, but let's not forget my Eugene-themed haiku, which, once in print, had the literary odor of Limburger cheese left in the fridge too long.
glycerin and limburger cheese; mineral tablets; and 'Fountain of