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a genus of Limacidae

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This observation supports the findings of varicose GABA-ir fibers in the neuropil areas and in the cell body layers of the ganglia in Helisoma trivolvis, Clione limacine, Helix pomatia and Limax maximus (Cooke & Gelperin 1988, Richmond et al.
2001) commented that contrary to Deroceras reticulatum (Muller 1774) (Stylommatophora: Agriolimacidae) and Limax pseudoflavus Evans, L.
On the other hand, in the cerebral ganglia of Helix aspersa and Limax maximus, MIP (molluscan insulin-related peptide)-related substances were identified in neurons, which are probably the CGC (van Minnen and Schallig, 1990).
In another stellar metamorphosis, Gottfried Kirch's Brandenburg Scepter joined Hill's menagerie as Limax, the Slug.
Limax (Limax) maximus Linnaeus, 1758 giant gardenslug Introduced
Type 1 , with extended pseudopodia; Type 2, slow moving limax; Type 3, limax eruptive; and Type 4, fan shaped.
The observations of Kofoid (1894) and Meisenheimer (1896) that in Limax the mesentoblast is formed at the 32- or at the 36-cell stage, have been corrected by later observations of Guerrier (1970).
In the terrestrial pulmonates studied here, the slugs Limax maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Arion ater (Linnaeus, 1758) and the snail Helix aspersa (O.
Sur less caracteres cytologiques et la systematique des amibes du groupe limax (Naegleria nov gen et Hartmannia nov.
2000) stained the neurons in the tentacles in a terrestrial slug, Limax marginatus, by backfilling of the tentacular nerves with Lucifer yellow.
The mucus producing glands and the distribution of the cilia of the pulmonate slug Limax pseudoflavus.
A similar increase of neurons has been indicated in the procerebrum of the slug Limax maximus (Watanabe et al.
1988, Hekou 1988, Hekou ([double dagger]) Macrochlamys loana (#) 2005, Lianjiang/ 2005, Lianjiang/Nan'an Nan'an Limax flavus (#) 2005, Lianjiang/ 2005, Lianjiang/Nan'an Nan'an Bradybaena brevispira 1979-1982, 1979-1980, Guangzhou ([double dagger]) Guangzhou Meghimatium bilinestum 2005, Lianjiang/ 2005, Lianjiang/Nan'an ([double dagger]) Nan'an Trichochloritis 1986-1990, Zhuhai 1986-1990, Zhuhai rufopila ([double dagger]) Trichochloritis 1986-1990, Zhuhai 1986-1991, Zhuhai hungerfordianus ([double dagger]) Vaginulus alte (#) 1988, Hekou 1988, Hekou Bellamya 2005, Lianjiang/Nan'an 2005, Lianjiang/Nan'an spp.