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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift that was inhabited by tiny people

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Lilliput works with top brands such as River Island and celebs including the Pet Shop Boys.
The company will offer the new homes in Lilliput with two options of 2 and 3-bedroom.
of the down to and of all in gigs McGee |The Middens, Lilliput, The Lake Poets and Tom Smith - Tynemouth Surf Cafe on Saturday, September 24.
A welcome return after their performances at Stockton Calling, Lilliput always make me smile.
Lilliput is a delightful story and a page-turner for readers of all ages.
With the help of a young clock shop apprentice named Finn, she makes it out, but later must return to steal from Gulliver a map to Lilliput.
A fantastically fanciful book, Lilliput will fit perfectly in the hands of readers with big imaginations.
Taking on a Wearside theme, the line-up comprises The Lake Poets, Lilliput, Cohesion and YUMA, a quartet that is exciting music lovers far and wide.
Scientists associate mass extinction events like the Cretaceous-Paleogene (abbreviated K-Pg) event with a reduction in organism size in the aftermath, a phenomenon termed 'the Lilliput effect.
I thinK that when the seating arrangements were designed for these buses, one of the design team must have been born in Lilliput as any normal sized adult (I am 5'9" tall) has to ride side saddle or risK a damaged patella.
When one of Lily's numerous, and ingenious, escape plans finally works, she begins the seemingly impossible task of finding her way back home to Lilliput with the help of Finn, the kind-hearted apprentice of an evil clockmaker, Mr Ozinda, the chocolate-making maestro, a Spanish-speaking parrot and, aptly, an imprisoned swift.
Narula, who is now 100% owner of Lilliput, confirmed the development but refused to divulge details.
One of South Africa's leading seed companies has installed an Ishida Lilliput multihead weigher to increase capacity and provide greater control over pack fill accuracy, which is of crucial importance in this highly competitive business.
28 May 2012 - L Capital, the private equity arm of French luxury goods giant LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (EPA:MC), has pulled its offer for Lilliput Kidswear Ltd, the troubled childrena[euro](tm)s clothing manufacturer from India, the Times of India reported.