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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift that was inhabited by tiny people

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Lilliput have spent the last four years working hard to hone their craft by writing new material and performing live.
With a gallant heroine, on an epic adventure that modern readers will thrill to, Lilliput is a splendidly worthy follow-up to Jonathan Swift's enduring, eighteenth-century original.
We couldn't quite believe it when we received confirmation back from the likes of The Lake Poets (aka Martin Longstaff) who has recently been touring America, and Lilliput, who have been wowing audiences around the country.
Next band up, Lilliput, ticked and tapped their percussion like an old station clock.
The authors suggest that the lack of size change in the majority of bryozoans studied here may indicate that the Lilliput effect is not universal at all levels, and that the response may vary across organisms.
One of South Africa's leading seed companies has installed an Ishida Lilliput multihead weigher to increase capacity and provide greater control over pack fill accuracy, which is of crucial importance in this highly competitive business.
Grant recipients are: Shrewsbury Library, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Centre Stage Productions, Paton School, Oak Middle School, Worcester Chamber Music Society, Regatta Players, Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild, Shrewsbury Senior Center, Assabet Valley Mastersingers, Coolidge School, Lilliput Early Childhood Center,and Arts on the Green.
In order to impress Darcy, Gulliver blags a travel assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, where he is swept into a massive, swirling column of water and regains consciousness as a giant in Lilliput.
But he does get her to send him on a travel writing assignment to the Bermuda Triangle, which gets him washed up on the beach in the land of Lilliput, where he's a giant.
GULLIVER lands in the country of Lilliput where he has to fend against people who are six inches tall.
AGIANT child is on the loose in Lilliput - and his name is Jack Black.
Billy plays the King of Lilliput in Jack Black's remake of Gulliver's Travels which is out next month.
Mannie takes her special box, her baby doll wrapped in a tea towel and Lilliput her elephant on an unforgettable adventure.
A secondary monitor requires a separate power or an additional video card, but the Lilliput Mini USB Monitor only uses a single USB connection from your computer to give you an instant high-resolution secondary display.
Lilliput Kidswear PROMOTER: Sanjiv Narula SIZE: NA HIDDEN LEADER BECAUSE: Started with Rs 1 lakh and 25 sewing machines.