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Chromium concentrations (ppm dry wt) in the leaves of Olea europaea, Ligustrum japonicum, and Pyracantha coccinea from different studied sites (site 1: industry; site 2: traffic; reference site: botanical garden)
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory property of the methanol extract from Ligustrum morrisonense leaves in rodents.
Efecto de la contaminacion ambiental en la anatomia de la hoja de Ligustrum lucidum (Oleaceae).
Dual inhibition of metallopeptidases ACE and NEP by extracts, and iridoids from Ligustrum vulgare L Journal of Ethnopharmacology 120, 220-225.
It is a sylvan recreational park of 200 ha of a prairie dominated by grasses, Honey Locus (Gleditsia triacanthos) and Ligustrum (Ligustrum sinence).
Any ornamental plants, from laural to ligustrum, will be quite happy being cut back.
Ligustrum vulgare ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar yr hil frodorol ac maen nhw'n blodeuo tua canol haf fel rheol.
Antioxidative properties of methanol extracts from leaves and fruits of Ligustrum vulgare L.
Influence of Ligustrum Lucidum, Schisandra Chinensis, Si Jun Zi Tang and Daidzein on Antioxidant Staus of Laying Hens Under Heat Stress.
The Ligustrum Sinense Sunshine (or Sunshine Privet) features bright golden foliage when in full sun throughout the growing season, with gold and orange overtones in winter.
Ligustrum * Pinus halepensis * * * Pinus nigra-sylvestris * Pinus pinea * * Pinus sp.
Giving an example, he said the Fu Zhen therapy which employs Fu Zhen herbs like astragalus, ligustrum, ginseng, etc is an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation, and can protect the immune system from damage, while dramatically increasing survival rates.
Duwal, Ligustrum indicum (Oleaceae), 2[female] (00378923, 00378924); Kirtipur, National Horticulture Center Farm, 27.
Estrofil menopause supplements contain the following ingredients: Rehmannia (root tuber), Chinese Dodder (seed), Psoralea (fruit), Chinese yam (rhizome), Asiatic Dogwood (fruit without seed), Ligustrum (fruit), Tree Peony (root bark), Asian Water Plantain (rhizome), and Poria (sclerotium).