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region of northwestern Italy on the Ligurian Sea

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Even if a dozen cooks were given the same ingredients, acute Ligurians will claim they could tell all 12 pesto sauces apart.
Unlike the cheeseheavy pesto prevalent in American kitchens, Ligurian pesto is aromatic but light, tasting more like fresh asparagus or string beans than an herbs-and-cheese mixture.
Because of a lack of land suitable for wheat, the Ligurians use chick-peas in farinata and polenta-like panissa.
According to Prof Cartledge, two key points prove that the Greeks brought vine to the region: "First, the Greeks had to marry and mix with the local Ligurians to ensure that Massalia survived, suggesting that they also swapped goods and ideas.
The study discovered that the Greeks founded Massalia (today's Marseilles) and made it a commercial centre, where local tribes of Ligurian Celts came for barter.