Ligurian Sea

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an arm of the Mediterranean between northwest Italy and Corsica

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Open procedure above the community threshold for the assignment of the maritime transport service for the buoys and lights of the harbor authority authority of the western ligurian sea, Including the satellite ports of multedo and voltri, In the bay of genoa.
For this study, the growth pattern of juvenile European hake was analyzed in northwestern Italian waters, which include the Ligurian Sea and the northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Fig.
Then, the system evolved into a squall line extending from the Ligurian Sea to the Po Valley and propagated eastward toward NEI.
Sediment organic Matter and meiofauna community response to long-term fish farm impact in the Ligurian Sea (Western Mediterranean).
The resort features an extensive spa, indoor and outdoor pools, private beach, restaurants and the Sky Lounge, offering stunning views of the Apuane Alps and Ligurian Sea.
Breaking against the shoreline of the Ligurian Sea.
A bustling little resort overlooked by a citadel, Calvi is a living, working 'haute ville' or upper town built on a promontory, with views across the Ligurian Sea.
Ligurian Sea Trainer Walter Swinburn 3rd, Newbury, June 30 By Medicean out of a mare who won over 1m4f, she shaped promisingly considering she was notably green for much of the way (also hung left) but was doing some good work late on under an educational ride and will appreciate a step up in trip.
Among CostaOs efforts in this regard is its policy banning overboard discharge of bilge water (even when suitably treated) within the Whale Sanctuary, an area of the Ligurian Sea with a high concentration of Mediterranean marine mammals.
Erratic fluctutations in abundante of medusoid and ctenophore populations in two systems, Ligurian Sea and Benguela ecosystem: some examples.
This defensive belt ran from south of Spezio on the Ligurian Sea to Pesoro on the Adriatic, and averaged 10 miles in depth.
With Wild Oats XI not starting in the 243 nautical mile Giraglia Race, Alfa Romeo had a convincing victory in this famous long race which took the fleet from the Gulf of St Tropez, south-west along the French coast, around the island of Lavant, across the Ligurian Sea and to Giraglia Rock, just north of Corsica, before finishing off the Italian port of Genoa.
Tyack and Johnson worked with an international team, tagging seven Cuvier's beaked whales in the Ligurian Sea off Italy and three Blainville's beaked whales off Spain's Canary Islands.
From the 1920s different proposals for the construction of a motorway from Liguria to the industrial cities of northern Italy were aired, also involving foreign interests, in a connection along the seventh meridian, linking Hamburg with the Ligurian Sea.
Located about 130 kilometers south of Genoa, the Cinque Terre's five small villages--each with its own old-European charm--are nestled on the sides of mountains whose sheer cliffs rise from the depths of the Ligurian Sea.