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region of northwestern Italy on the Ligurian Sea

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com is a Portofino-based villa overlooking the Ligurian sea which once housed Robert Kennedy during a visit, liberty-style villas along the Forte dei Marmi promenade and many more.
The very high concentration of juvenile European hake along the coasts of Italy in the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas indicates that these areas are the main European hake nurseries in the northwestern Mediterranean basin (Orsi Relini et al.
Simona is a Ligurian native but lived in England for 16 years.
In other words, the Ligurian informants produced a dialect utterance with an innovation to the prosody, but not to the order of elements.
If the soup expressed a zesty warm- heartedness, the gently grilled pork loin with parsley puree, garlic and honey sauce ( ` 1,575) delicately balanced the pungency of garlic with the sweetness of honey and the lemon- drizzled grilled seabass fillet ( ` 1,575) with potato olive oil mash and artichokes presented a tactile medley of textures but I found the fish limp and anorexic lean, but the real surprise was the platter of juicy prawns en papillote ( cooked in a folded parchment paper or aluminum foil) with Ligurian vegetables ( the Italian region pockmarked with steep mountain slopes and narrow valleys is famous for its love for leafy greens) and potato corners.
They even discover that there is a species of bee, the Ligurian Bee, that exists only on Kangaroo Island.
Oil company, Cobalt International Energy Inc's (NYSE:CIE) Ligurian #2 exploratory well on Green Canyon Block 814 in the US Gulf of Mexico reached objective total depth after drilling through its targeted Miocene formations but failed to find commercial hydrocarbons, it declared on Tuesday.
In a release, the company said Cobalt received the required US Coast Guard Certificate of Compliance and has subsequently received APD approval from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement for the Ligurian #2 exploratory well.
Breaking against the shoreline of the Ligurian Sea.
Ligurian Sea Trainer Walter Swinburn 3rd, Newbury, June 30 By Medicean out of a mare who won over 1m4f, she shaped promisingly considering she was notably green for much of the way (also hung left) but was doing some good work late on under an educational ride and will appreciate a step up in trip.
The route from London to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania completes the new line-up, taking travellers through Luxembourg, the beautiful landscapes of the Ligurian Coast, southern Darfur and eventually to the pulsing city of Dar Es Salaam in just a few dicks.
On Merrion's advice, we headed for the castle town of Lerici on the Ligurian coast to see the Golfo dei Poeti (Gulf of Poets).
On mostly seven-night itineraries, the three-masted Le Ponant will sail along the French Riviera, Costa Brava and the Ligurian and Dalmatian coasts.
Among CostaOs efforts in this regard is its policy banning overboard discharge of bilge water (even when suitably treated) within the Whale Sanctuary, an area of the Ligurian Sea with a high concentration of Mediterranean marine mammals.
The study discovered that the Greeks founded Massalia (today's Marseilles) and made it a commercial centre, where local tribes of Ligurian Celts came for barter.