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region of northwestern Italy on the Ligurian Sea

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Ancor, along with co-investor Brown Brothers Harriman Capital Partners, acquired Liguria Foods in 2008 as a part of a spin-out of a division of a larger publicly held company.
Prior to this weekend's incidents, at least four deaths have been reported in Liguria since last month due to flooding.
Liguria boasts of a 300-km-long coastline with a wide choice of sandy beaches, coves and rocks throughout the whole region.
Liguria is mostly agricultural, and the regional capital, Genoa, is home to Terre di Mare, an information center for tourist accessibility.
Both train victims were women in their early 30s travelling solo during holiday weekends along the Italian Riviera through Liguria.
Emerging in Genoese Liguria - a region racked by vendetta, schism, and heresy - they sought salvation in social pacification, rather than flagellation or the millennium.
Implementing agency : ARS Liguria Area Centrale Regionale di Acquisto
Contract award notice: procedura aperta per l~affidamento del servizio di interpretariato telefonico multilingue occorrente alle centrali operative del servizio 118 liguria soccorso, alle aa.
Contract notice: Ssupply of a computerized clinical information system for the analysis of drug interactions needed for regional pharmacovigilance network and the pharmacovigilance regional centre and independent information on pharmaceutical products of the liguria region for the duration of 12 months with option extension of 12 months.
Cardiac Surgery University Hospital IRCCS San Martino - IST of the Liguria Region.
50/2016 aimed at the conclusion of a framework agreement for the supply of "medical devices for spinal surgery for healthcare organizations of the liguria region for a period of 3 years (with a renewal option for a further year) - lots no.
traditional stationery supply, with ecological requirements and ancillary services for the three-year period, we need to demand of the Liguria Region, the sub-regional bodies and other Public Administrations Ligurian.
50/2016, for the award of the supply of drugs Anti hepatitis C required the following Companies of the Liguria Regional Health Authorities (ASL 1 Imperia, Savona 2 ASL, ASL 5 Spezzino, Galliera Hospital, IRCCS - AOUS Martino / IST) for a period of 6 months (with a renewal option for a further 6 months) - Lots No.
Address : ARS Liguria Area Centrale Regionale di Acquisto