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Synonyms for Ligularia

genus of Old World herbs resembling groundsel: leopard plants

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Two types of sambucus, or elderberry, one with fine cut golden leaves, the other with striking purple foliage, provide highlights alongside a variegated maple and the towering spikes of hollyhocks and ligularia.
Ligularia przewalskii, another border giant, deeply-fingered dark green leaves and spires of small yellow flowers up to 6ft, thriving in boggy soil although prone to slug damage in spring.
For a moist, shady spot you cannot go wrong with the stunning ligularia Britt-Marie Crawford this tall marginal has large glossy chocolate-coloured leaves and bright tangerine daisy-like flowers, now out in all their glory.
Hot borders sizzle with orange, reds and yellows but elsewhere, feathery astilbes, the mauves and white of hostas in flower and the grace of ligularia offer a softer feel.
If you take it a step further and view the border in black and white, texture becomes apparent and placing a bold-leafed Hosta with a spiky Ligularia creates visual impact.
Ideal plants are crocosmia, ligularia and heleniums, which colours highlight a white will the most you would yellows peak in late summer and look best in the afternoon sun.
This year, favourites to win the vote are Sambucus nigra `Black Lace', an elegant, filigree-leaved elder, and Ligularia `Britt Marie Crawford', a moisture-loving perennial with very dark brown foliage and contrasting yellow flowers.
I love ligularia, but so, unfortunately, do slugs, so make sure you protect the young plants and you'll be rewarded with a fabulous display.
Our favorites are delphiniums, in shades of blue and lavender to pink and white; hollyhocks (Alcea rosea), with single, semidouble, or double blooms in many colors including white, pink, rose, red, yellow, and apricot; common foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea), in shades of purple, pink, cream, and apricot; and Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket', with spikes of yellow daisies that can grow as tall as 5 feet.
Ligularia and simicifuga are two of her favourite herbaceous plants, the latter flowering properly for the first time this year.
The 'cold air' supports moisture which is a prerequisite for such delights as meconopsis (Himalayan poppies), hosta (funkia) and even bog plants like ligularia przewaleskii.
There are many fantastic plants that enjoy waterside conditions, such as Hostas, Primula, Astilbe, Rodgersia, Gunnera, Iris and Ligularia.
This week's online offer is for six Ligularia przewalskii plants (right) for just PS4.
Special favourites are Ligularia Desdemona, with handsome beetroot-red leaves and deep yellow flowers, and the dark-leafed orange Dahlia, David Howard.