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genus of Old World herbs resembling groundsel: leopard plants

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Clivorine is an otonecine PA found in the plants from various Ligularia species (Asteraceae), including Ligularia hodgsonii and L.
SUMMER/2004 1 2 4 5 6 Ammonia becarii 2,1 Ammonia rolshauseni 0,6 Amphicoryna scalaris Angulogerina angulosa Astacolus crepidulus Bigenerina irregularis Bolivina compacta Bolivina doniezi Bolivina ligularia Bolivina ordinaria Bolivina striatula 0,7 4,8 3,2 Bolivina pulchella Buccella peruviana 31,4 46,9 23,8 21,5 12,0 Bulimina elongata 15,4 1,1 Bulimina marginata 0,7 3,2 Bulimina patagonica Buliminella elegantissima 1,4 Cancris sacra Cassidulina crassa porrecta 8,4 2,7 2,3 Cassidulina subglobosa 3,5 32,3 19,8 Cassidulinoides parkerianus 5,2 Cibicides sp.
Today, our perennial beds in Minnesota are a collage of color and texture with plumes of pink and white astilbe and taller goat's beard, mounds of smooth-leaved bergenia, bold stands of hostas and spires of gold above toothed foliage of the Rocket ligularia.
The hot border in the terrace garden, which in July and August is a virtual furnace of reds and oranges, is beginning to cool, but there are still a few glowing embers: canna, ligularia, rudbeckia and dahlia are visited by late flickering red admiral and peacock butterflies.
The garden includes rogersia, maidenhair ferns, variegated Solomon seal, bigleaf ligularia, clematis, hibiscus, canna lilies, and delphinium.
Also planted on the edges of the pond are ligularia, swamp milkweed and flag irises.
Lobelia cardinalis is lovely and ligularia with large round burgundy leaves and yellow flowers is sure to add a splash of colour.
As far as perennials go, this year I've been planting ligularia which is a versatile plant.
This is especially striking in case of the Asteraceae, such as Ligularia dentata (Fig.
Wants: red poppy mallow, white liatris, white Veronica, white physastegia, orange California poppy, foxtail lily, euphorbia Kilamanjaro, cardoon, nicotiana sylvestria, buckeye bottlebrush, ligularia, goatsbeard
Other good performers for a dash of colour include Ligularia Dentata Desdamona with bright orange daisy like flowers 120cms and Ligularia the Rocket both gives strong vertical impact to your planting scheme.
Ligularia przewalskii, another border giant, deeply-fingered dark green leaves and spires of small yellow flowers up to 6ft, thriving in boggy soil although prone to slug damage in spring.
In this idyllic setting with far-reaching views across the Colne Valley, the couple have created a delightful garden brimming with striking plants including ligularia, oriental poppies, echinops ritro, giant knapweed, alliums, hemerocallis, deep blue Veronicas and the soft silver foliage of stachys lanata.
For a moist, shady spot you cannot go wrong with the stunning ligularia Britt-Marie Crawford this tall marginal has large glossy chocolate-coloured leaves and bright tangerine daisy-like flowers, now out in all their glory.