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abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light

the flash of light that accompanies an electric discharge in the atmosphere (or something resembling such a flash)

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In presettlement times, lightning fires spread over great expanses of upland forests, sometimes for weeks, until reaching a river or large wetlands.
This comparison assumes: (1) that coastal sand patches are well insulated from fire ignited outside each patch and (2) that rates of lightning fire occurrence, 1750-1910 AD, were similar to those of the last 30 yr.
It begins with a lightning fire in the year 987 and ends 1,001 years later as Americans debate the wisdom of cutting the seedlings that took root in the burned land.
It is a continuous phenomenon, sometimes punctuated by a violent or cataclysmic burst, such as a lightning fire, a hurricane, or a timber harvest, but more often a profoundly still and quiet actuality, one that could easily go unnoticed if it were not for the probing nature of the human mind.
Crews also continued to suppress newly discovered lightning fires in the Fall Creek area about 20 miles south of Eugene-Springfield.
It also reduces the intensity and spread of lightning fires.
To the extent that these weighted averages of rain-fire intervals reflect the likelihood of vegetation burned by lightning fires or wildfires in a given month; I would expect lightning fires during May to be more important than middle to late summer lightning fires in south Mississippi and vice versa for north Mississippi.
One night, a typical Rocky Mountains storm came through the trench leaving a string of lightning fires in its wake.
The park gets enough human-caused and lightning fires that burn out of control.
Stately groves where lightning fires once flared and burned out have become infernos-in-waiting, clogged with tangled thickets of tinder-dry second growth.
Most lightning fires burn themselves out without causing significant damage.
Managers can thus allow lightning fires to burn under careful supervision there if the firest meet a long list of criteria designed to protect people and property.
About a dozen small lightning fires have already been reported in the Middle Fork Ranger District of the Springfield-based Willamette National Forest.
Lightning fires cleared the woods of brush, dead wood, and an overabundance of young trees.