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From helping to build our brand online to bringing our light engines into new companies and emerging markets, Mouser's committed partnership ensured our mutual success in 2015," said Kris Keuser, Head of Distribution at Lumileds.
based OLED light engine and panel manufacturer, and has become the dependable domestic source for OLED lighting solutions.
TRP's 8 new families of LED light engines are designed to be easy to drop into a variety of existing luminaire designs.
These light engines are efficiently driven at twice the nominal current for system flexibility and desirable lumen-per-dollar performance.
The projected life of the light engine is very long, while the pace of LED performance improvements is very rapid," says Pyshos.
Lustrous Technology executives pointed out that wining the certification means the company leads its Asian competitors in releasing Zhaga-compliant light engine.
The pre-calibrated near infrared light engine is capable of using up to 16 wavelengths.
The ENTity[TM] NasoView is a flexible, LED-illuminated nasopharyngoscope with a self-contained, patented LED Light Engine that frees the physician from the "tug" of light guides, external fight sources and the need for AC wall power, delivering optimal portability and ease of use.
What changed after getting the new light engine, after the JDS Uniphase issue, we realized we had the potential to achieve extremely low pricing for LCOS light engines, especially in high volumes.
For example, when cruising along on a highway, there is a comparatively light engine load, so it may be possible to deactivate cylinders: the V8 operates as a V4 as alternate cylinders on each bank are deactivated.
has completed the design and development of a light engine using Three-Five Systems' (NYSE:TFS) Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) microdisplay technology.
The InfiniStar CR[TM] features an upgradeable battery, as well as an upgradeable light engine.
The new T8 U-BENT 16W features a thin light engine and continuous diffusing tube that provides uniform and seamless light from end to end.
The line includes a variety of linear, square or round, and single COB LED light engine designs.
Founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, Zhaga is a consortium of over 195 individual companies around the world working together to develop standards for LED light engine interfaces so that engines from different suppliers can be interchangeable in different lighting fixtures.