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a divine presence believed by Quakers to enlighten and guide the soul

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For the flaring yellow light within, was substituted the clear, bright, glorious morning; for a hot, close atmosphere, tainted with the smell of expiring lamps, and reeking with the steams of riot and dissipation, the free, fresh, wholesome air.
In another moment he had disappeared through one of the French windows which opened upon the balcony, and in yet another he had switched on the electric light within.
If his notice was sought, an expression of courtesy and interest gleamed out upon his features, proving that there was light within him, and that it was only the outward medium of the intellectual lamp that obstructed the rays in their passage.
Khudi, as Allama held, means to realize that man carries a particle of divine light within him whose discovery can raise him to the zenith of creation and whose negligence can bring him to its nadir.
Maximum output lamps, emitting UV-C light within the ideal wavelength range for inactivating microorganisms, and a reflective aluminum mast that augments intensity output, enable the Optimum-UV Enlight System to generate a high level of efficacy in short cycle times.
The Light Within is perfect for calming the mind, and highly recommended for ambient music connoisseurs.
Her agent Christopher D Silveri said: "In these darkening days, we hope those who have had the pleasure of knowing her will see how brightly she shined and will find that light within themselves.
Contract notice: Maintenance of a traffic light within the city of bielsko-biala.
Needless to say, I was taken aback when I was asked to devise several fake profiles in order to discuss the organisation in a positive light within relevant online forums.
2] emits light within a signature range of wavelengths, the researchers could differentiate between energy balance changes caused by C[O.
In a subtle, gentle way, the author presents a quietly groundbreaking path to discovering the light within, relevant to all spiritual seekers.
Earlier on Wednesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the new interim unity government will see the light within a few days.
You're My Light WITHIN my life of darkness, "you" became my moon.
The project aimed to harvest solar energy and maximise the use of natural light within the infrastructure.
But she has a light within as bright as a slew of birthday candles.