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a series of stages through which an organism passes between recurrences of a primary stage

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the course of developmental changes in an organism from fertilized zygote to maturity when another zygote can be produced

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Difference between life-cycle of common technical product and machine tool is shown on Fig.
A bio-based product's life-cycle can be organized into three categories that cover seven process elements (raw materials, pre-processing, production, distribution, installation, use and maintenance, and composting, recycling, and/or disposal):
When a RMA is packaged with a workflow and/or document management system, implementation and integration costs are less, as are the requirements to purchase and implement other compatible systems that will provide the metadata capture, audit trail, and routing/staffing requirements needed to support a life-cycle management system.
Product life-cycle management will gain prominence and market participants will need to focus on strategically positioning their products early in the life cycle to generate maximum revenues in the patent exclusivity period.
an open source software life-cycle management company, today announced the launch and availability of Mergere Maestro, an open source software engineering platform that provides automated integration, testing, packaging and reporting capabilities, as well as comprehensive project taxonomy for complex, hybrid development projects.
V1: Agile Enterprise incorporates full life-cycle support for today's distributed, large-scale software organizations deploying Agile development.
Designed to help quality assurance professionals better understand how to manage the quality of business-critical applications, the webcast features guest speaker Melinda Ballou, Program Director, Application Life-Cycle Management at IDC.
As companies begin to replace pre-Y2K ERP systems, they are challenging vendors to provide licenses that incorporate more flexibility and better software life-cycle support.
Doculynx will also develop and sell future document life-cycle software products based on the Mercury platform and maintain the current archive and retrieval functionality of the current Mercury products.
We saw that ASSET's ScanWorks had the versatility and portability to support our life-cycle testing goals and keep a lid on test development costs.
Leading Publication Recognizes Behlendorf's Leadership and Vision in Making Distributed Software Development Easier and More Affordable Across the Application Life-Cycle