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the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged

a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm

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The answer is most often "no," even though counsel to the mechanic's lienor will not know that--unless told.
Florida has a somewhat unique law prescribing lien enforcement that allows a personal money judgment against a contractor by an unpaid subcontractor lienor.
In addition, the lienor may be compelled to reimburse the owner for costs expended by the owner in establishing the exaggeration.
A logical corollary to preventing unjust enrichment to the intervening junior lienor is the limitation that equitable subrogation can only be applied to the extent the junior lienor is not prejudiced.
It is possible to bypass this step, and thereby accelerate the discharge process, by simply stipulating in advance with the lienor as to the amount of the undertaking.
20(2), which was changed in 1988 to effectively say that lien rights of any lienor may not be waived in advance of doing the work.
In these situations, the lienor may not have lien rights on the owner's real property, but can assert its claim against the bond instead.
In reviewing the bankruptcy court's decision on appeal, however, the Picker court took a more circumspect view of Florida law and concluded that under Boley, Florida law mandated that a lender with constructive notice of an intervening lien who fails to perform a records search is precluded from availing itself of equitable subrogation and that the second mortgage holder becomes a first lienor upon the subject property upon satisfaction of the first priority lien.
The legislative intent of the transfer bond statute was simple: "to permit any owner, whether or not he is in privity with a lienor, to remove the cloud of a lien from his property against which the lien is impressed.
However, unless you can determine that the lienor has met the state or local licensure requirements, that lien may be unenforceable (and the owner entitled to "prevailing party" attorneys' fees).
As a result, an owner has no obligation to a nonprivity lienor unless and until that owner timely receives (5) a notice to owner in proper form from that lienor.
It held that the trial judge "still has discretion in determining the intent and good or bad faith of the lienor when he stated the amount of the lien claimed.
The same applies to lienor and lienee, mortgagor and mortgagee, grantor and grantee, licensor and licensee, party A and party B.
16(1) provides that "[a] copy of the contract of a lienor or owner and a statement of the amount due or to become due if fixed or ascertainable thereon must be furnished by any party thereto, upon written demand of an owner or a lienor contracting with or employed by the other party to such contract.
Additionally, subsection (2) authorizes the filing of a satisfaction by the lienor "duly acknowledged and recorded in the clerk's office.