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the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged

a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm

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Mechanic lienholders have now received all of the payments provided for under the Mesabi plan of reorganisation.
Alternatively, if the court determines there is no equity in the property available for subordinate lienholders, the court may grant a creditor's motion for transfer of the abandoned property directly to the foreclosing creditor without a public sale, resulting in the extinguishment of all subordinate interests.
Not only are there the third-party obligor on the note and potentially tenants on the property, but there are also potentially other lienholders, beneficiaries of servitudes, and taxing authorities that are affected.
A broadly accepted nonbankruptcy proceeding includes one where a lienholder can be forced to accept a monetary satisfaction through the process of foreclosure.
Titles are not obtained which show the credit union as lienholder.
Make sure checks are issued properly and confirm that the insurance company has the appropriate lienholder information for your policyholder.
The owner or lienbolder may retake possession during business hours by appearing, proving ownership, releasing any law enforcement or official hold, and paying all charges or by other written arrangement between owner or lienholder and towing/storage firm Failure to exercise the right to reclaim within the time prescribed constitutes a waiver by the owner and lienholders of all right, title, and interest in the vehicle and contents, and constitutes consent to the sale, dismantling, or destruction of the vehicle and contents.
But after no filing came forth, the trustee's office stepped in, asking to either remove bankruptcy protection--allowing a lienholder to foreclose on the property--or convert the filing to Chapter 7, which would set up a process to liquidate the company's assets.
4) A debtor may redeem property pursuant to [section] 722 by paying the lienholder the present fair market value of the collateral.
In the private context, for example, this is true when a lienholder asserts that a competing lienholder's claim should be subordinated.
1994) (the transfer of a check from an insurer to an automobile lienholder promoted the previously committed underlying fraud of filing a false insurance claim and, therefore, satisfied the intent to promote requirement under [section] 1956); contra United States v.
What the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is trying to say is that no matter what the claim of lienholder, this property was intended to be and demonstrated in the public record through the development agreement and other understanding prior to the time the lien was recorded to be lien-free open space,'' Speiser said.
The IRS argued that the surety did not qualify as either a lienholder or a purchaser, citing the fact that the assignment was not recorded.
If the title shows that the landlord has encumbered its fee interest, the tenant should obtain a non-disturbance agreement from the senior lienholder.
The sales contract required Randolph to buy "Vendor's Single Interest insurance, which protects the vendor or lienholder against the costs of repossession in the event of default.