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a native or inhabitant of Liechtenstein

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The formation and style of the Liechtensteiners was clearly Germanic - two players on either flank and forward and midfielders interchanging.
Ethnic groups: Liechtensteiners, Swiss, Austrians, and Germans.
The Irish and new boss Nigel Worthington can leapfrog Spain into second place in Group F with victory over the lowly Liechtensteiners at Windsor Park on Wednesday night.
Put it this way, if the von Trapps had proved as hapless at escaping the Nazis along the mountains during the Second World War as the Liechtensteiners did at defending the basics against Spain, we would all be watching the Sound of Music in German.
Young Liechtensteiners clearly attend the university here (although 85% of students are from other countries) but it is mandatory for local students that at least one year or semester has to be spent in study in a country with another language.
Liechtensteiners, in a 2003 referendum, gave a two-thirds majority to a new constitution allowing the prince to dismiss the government and veto legislation by the 25-seat parliament.