Libyan dinar

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the basic unit of money in Libya

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Tetangco requesting for the extension of the LYD-CEF to pave the way for the conversion of Libyan Dinar to Philippine currency not exceeding P 20,000.
Tetangco, BSP Governor, requesting for the extension of the LYD-CEF, thus, giving life to BSP Circular 867, dated January 14, 2015, allowing the conversion of Libyan Dinar to Philippine pesos to an amount equivalent to not more than P20,000.
In 2010, they cost 8bn Libyan dinars (around $6bn).
In a country where no dissent is tolerated, viewers heard Central Bank Governor Farhat 'Umar bin Guidara telling the ruler that doling out large sums of money to the masses would fuel inflation, cause the value of the Libyan dinar to drop and create a balance of payments deficit.
Libya has unveiled plans to allocate 150bn Libyan Dinar ($123bn) on a five-year plan that will see more than half a million new housing units and water and sewerage installations built across the country.
Finally, as a response to complaints about exchanging the Libyan dinar into other currencies, Qaddafi proposed that the country should put on its agenda making the Libyan dinar fully convertible.
The World Bank also reported a cash shortage in the banking system, as the Libyan dinar has lost 70 per cent of its value in the parallel market, due to weak microeconomic fundamentals and foreign exchange restrictions.
The government of Libya has approved a 2 million Libyan Dinar allocation to the interior ministry for border controls and control of illegal immigration at airports and land border crossings.
Abdelhamid said, in his letter to the Egyptian ambassador, that the connection was lost on 25 December and that the detained are asked to pay 2000 Libyan Dinar each (almost EGP 11,000).
The first batch of almost one billion pounds of Libyan dinar banknotes
A central bank set up by Libyan rebels has virtually no reserves, but plans to inject dollars into the economy to prop up the Libyan dinar once funds pledged by Western powers arrive, the rebel economy chief said.
In a statement, the central bank said that the Monetary Board last week approved the re-opening of the Libyan Dinar Currency Exchange Facility.
6 million Libyan dinar and come as part of this year cultural projects.
While the former Libyan Dinar bore the effigy of the late Kadhafi, the new carries the Libyan flag and an artistic figure highlighting the various stages of the Libyan Revolution.